How to Hire a Motivational Speaker #2

We now present the second in a series of videos of…

Top Mistakes Made When Hiring a Motivational Speaker.

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For those of you who would rather read than watch, here is the transcript:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery from Brad, with the second in the series of top mistakes people make when booking or choosing a motivational speaker.

Alright, here’s the second mistake, is booking people who say they’re funny or people who say they’re humorous and they’re not. So I mean, it sort of cracks me up because you see it even on entry level speaker’s websites—their funny, humorous, hilarious stories. Well, I think we’ve both seen them and sometimes they’re not funny, they’re not humorous, and they’re not hilarious.

So, I think the word funny is a pretty clear word. If they’re funny, you ought to be laughing, you ought to be laughing out loud, and you ought to be laughing hard. The entire audience should be cranking right?
?So I’m very proud of the fact that we do that, this is what I do. I do this all the time, but I hear people say we thought he was supposed to be funny and he said he was funny, but he wasn’t really funny.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you’re booking a really high content speaker and you want the facts—seven steps to leadership—500 PowerPoint’s slides on management. Sometimes a little chuckle or a little chortle is a really nice break and it really can help that speaker be good. But if you’re looking for somebody who really can take your audience from 0-60 and can do it with busting guts laughter and really take the energy in that room and just shake it up, well then you want to make sure you’re checking their video. And I think more than that, more than that, you really want to check their references. Talk to their recent past clients—were they funny, how funny were they; were they laughing, were they funny? Don’t be fooled by the marketing stuff. Check the video, check the references.

Brad Montgomery, Brad Love to be part of your team. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, I am funny. I got a good handle on that. I’d love to be helpful for you. Give us a call, tell us what you’re looking for and let’s see if we can’t be part of the solution. Thanks.

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