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Preparing a speech or presentation? Looking for some tips that can help you today? Need some ideas about how to add humor to your program? Find tons of articles, tips and tricks on presenting a live program.

•  Check out articles about How to Be a Motivational Speaker on Brad Montgomery’s blog.   How To be a Motivational Speaker

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How to Be a Motivational Speaker (Part 1) | Get a Mentor

•How To Be A Motivational Speaker (2) Choose the Right Topic

How To Be Speaker (3) Format of a Keynote. A Template!

•Adding Humor (1) The Act Out

Adding Humor (2): Give the Audience a Voice

Adding Humor (3) What to Do When Your Humor Bombs

•Part 7: How to Be a Motivational Speaker — Find A Niche to Make you Rich

Part 8: Be a Professional Speaker — Be Authentic On the Platform

Brad’s made learning easy…. Here are some short cuts that will shave tons of time and effort off your learning curve:

• Brad put together a 7 CD set about humor skills “for the rest of us.”  It’s called Humor College, and we’re mighty proud of it.






How to be a Comedian

•  Interested in learning how to use humor in your presentation? Check out Brad’s Got Mirth: Milking Your Presentation for all the Humor It’s Worth.

•  Learn more about How to be a motivational speaker with Brad’s how-to audio here.  This is the exact 70 or 80 minutes of info that you would get from Brad if you could get him to sit down with you for 90 minutes.  (Weird math, but if you count you asking questions and Brad cracking jokes, you wouldn’t get a full hour and a half of content. :)     Want to know the ho-tow, the down-and-dirty secrets about how to get started as a professional speaker and how to do it the easy way?  Then this audio is for
On YouTube
Part 1. Find a Speaker Mentor
Part 2. Choose a Correct Motivational Topic (on YouTube)
How to be a Motivational Speaker
(3) on YouTube
Adding Humor (1) The Act Out (On YouTube)
Adding Humor (2): Give the Audience a Voice (on YouTube)
Adding Humor (3) What to Do When Your Humor Bombs (YouTube)
Part 7: How To be a Speaker — Find a Niche
Part 8: How to be a Motivational Speaker — Be Authentic on the Platform


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