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Public Speaking Tips & Articles Portal

6 Principles for Powerful Presenting Simple ideas on how to improve your presenting skills.

American Idol Article What the Fox TV Show has to teach us as professional speakers and presenters.

Adding Color to Your Speech Variety adds spice to your speech and keeps people awake.

Connecting with Your Audience Like a Professional
Some tips for hooking your audience and making a solid connection.

Evaluating Your Speech A system to help you become a better speaker.

Humorous Speech Contests A great vehicle for developing your ability to effectively use humor.

National Speaker Assocation and Toastmasters Two organization for taking your speaking to the next level!

Learning the Hard Way or Getting Off on the Left Foot! Some tips from a seasoned public speaker to help you avoid some common pitfalls.

A Great Start for Your Speech Doing the right things to give your speech a great start.

Presentation Tips for Business Speakers Everything you need to know (or at least a good start!) on your journey to business speaking.

Dinner Table Rule How to know if your humor is acceptable and when you have crossed the line.

10 Commandments Article Ten Things Every Speaker Should know

Work in the Humor Place: Some Hot Get-Ahead Tips for Speakers, Comedians, Humorists and anyone interested in Comedy History A wonderful article about history and comedy from a man who has studied it all!

Humor Giveth and It Taketh Away An exercise in humor and self-confidence

7 Things Speakers Should Avoid? Want to avoid some classic speaker mistakes? Want to be a pro… avoid these pitfalls

Touch Your Audience with Stories Listeners will remember the drama, the humor, and chances are your audience will remember your point

Good Place to Be Bad Tips for finding places to practice your humor.

How Speakers Can Use Humor as a “Branding” Technique An excellent article about both humor and branding for speakers from a terrific speaker.

If You Want More Humor in Your Presentation(s) Wonderful suggestions about where one can look to improve their speeches.

Sample of Punchline Your Bottome Line This sample gives you basic and handy ideas on how to use humor to diffuse tension and break the ice while giving a presentation.

Sample of Punchlines, Pitfalls, and Powerful Programs This book offers handy hints on how to create a more humorous and credible speech.

Comedy Writing and Timing Learn how adding exageration and some playful elements to you speeches can create a funnier speech.

Connect Success of a presentation rests in the performer’s ability to connect with the audience.

Destination, Structure and Character Outlines the major steps to successful storytelling.

Dont’ Make Me Stop This Car! How to add fun to a speech by exploring idioms.

“You’ll never make it to the big time by playing small.” Don’t Be Afraid of Physical Expression.

Frame it with a story Make dry information more appealing by delivering it with a story.

From the Group Up How to create a successful story

Humor Big Drama Small Using storytelling as an approach to sales.

Make Waves Bring more energy to your speeches and leave a greater impression with your audiences.

Memorize & Insight Show your audience that what you have to say is valuable by taking the time to memorize it.

Method Acting Use emotion to tell part of your story instead to strictly words. The moment with be more realistic and your audience more interested.

Private Stuff A personal and sad story can be effective in a speech as long as it is done correctly. See how!

Top 10 Mistakes Watch our for these common mistakes in business speaking and make your next presentation a success.

How to Rehearse Learn the best ways to practice your speeches to get the best results.

The Script Shall Set You Free Write down your stories and main ideas first to find your themes for a more cohesive speech.

Serve the Message Create stronger speeches by using the visual, vocal, and emotional.

Signature Stories Reviews the different types of stories that audiences love to hear.

Signature Stories 2 A guide to structuring your key stories.

Speak from the Heart Some tips on how to tell those sadder or more embarrassing stories.

Stop trying to please the audience Your audience will appreciate your preparation more than you know.

Synergy Before speaking to an audience with a different culture than you are totally familiar with, take a moment to read this helpful article.

Theme Weaving Some tips to help ensure your themes fit seamlessly into your speeches.

10 Appropriate Humor Tips Some helpful reminders and new ideas about how we can keep our humor appropriate.

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