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For the past two decades I’ve been a professional entertainer

and speaker. I’ve made audiences laugh in all

50 states and on four continents.

But today…

I am turning ALL of my skill, experience and

“insider secrets” over to YOU — but only for a very limited time.

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All of my trade secrets, pet techniques, and proven

laugh-getters are available to you now in my special

Corporate Comedy Secrets program that is specifically

designed to help you to make your presentations

blaze with laughter!

If I don’t know anything, I DO know this…

It’s a common fact: The funnier you are, the more money

you make in the corporate environment. Period.

Well, I’m ready to help you NOW to reach your laughter

goals — in front of ANY audience!

So, what really makes my GOT MIRTH? program so unique?

For one thing, the secrets in this program are real

secrets from a proven 20-year corporate comedy veteran.

We’ve all seen courses available from so-called

speakers or comedians with almost no experience in

front of audiences.

You want to learn from a real pro — not some “arm chair”

comedy expert who has had minimal, if any stage time at all.

You want proven, audience-tested, and no BS

techniques, strategies and pragmatic tips that you can

put into your programs or shows — starting today!

You want to learn from somebody who can

articulate and teach these proven strategies and

ideas to you in an easy-to-learn format.

You want to learn comedy and humor the easy

way, save yourself thousands of dollars and shave

years off your learning curve.

You want a product that is so powerful that it

comes with a rock-solid, no questions asked

money-back guarantee.

I’m super proud of it. The feedback we’ve

received is outstanding and very flattering.

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PS. If you enjoy this 1/2 as much

as I enjoyed recording it… it’ll be awesome.

Besides…there is no risk!

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