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1. Another F R E E audio. (The importance of “niche-ing”)

2. That’s it!


Okey dokey. You asked for it. Here is my second gift for ya.

It’s a recording of me talking about the BUSINESS of speaking, training, and humor. So often we focus on the presentation skills side of professional speaking that we forget to talk about how to get the jobs in the first place.

It was a really successful recording (aw shucks!) and I’m pleased to offer it up as my treat.

Business of Speaking Part 1

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Business of Speaking Part 2

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Here’s the offer I describe in the call:

Download the recording to listen on your computer, burn a CD, or listen on your iPod.

Please share this link with anybody you think would benefit from how-to’s about how to use more comedy and humor. (Speakers, Enterainers, Trainers, Salespeople, financial advisors, etc.)

Thanks Fun Seekers!


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