How To Be A Motivational Speaker

Do you want to learn How To Be A Motivational Speaker? I can help.
I have had several hundreds of people call and ask me to “Pick my brain” or “Ask me for some tips on speaking” or … you get the drill. After years of answering the same questions to hundreds of people, I finally figured out the answer.  So what’s the answer? This recording of all of my best ideas, tips and the benefit of 20 years experience of a motivational speaker all in one product.

How to be a motivational speaker

In this recording (professional CD delivered to your door) you’ll get the best of my experience in how to get started. This isn’t fluff. This isn’t just another “You can get rich if you take my speaker course.” Nope…it’s just the straight stuff from a guy who as done it.

You’ll Learn:

• What a keynote speech really is? What is the template you can use to “plug” your information into to get started quickly.

• How to pick (and fine tune) your topic? And how to make sure your topic is marketable and will serve you in the long term.

• How to get practice in front of real audiences quickly. This may seem like a small point, but it isn’t. You need LOTS of time speaking in front of real people to ramp up your speaking skills. I spend a bunch of time on the recording on this topic, and you’ll get the real stuff. Details. Specific workable ideas. Exacting techniques. Getting yourself “stagetime” is easier than you think… but there are some secrets that can save hours / weeks / years of frustration by just giving you the best stuff free.

• How to break down a speech into easily to manage — and learn — “chunks” that take the fear out of the process.

• How to book 50 speeches in your first year. (Don’t get excited…I’m not saying you’ll get rich… I’m saying that I’ll show you the easy way to get your keynote speech finished, practiced and polished in front of real audiences.

• The skinny on using material from other speakers. (When should you “steal” stories and material from other motivational speakers. And why?)

• How to practice. Sure, you know you SHOULD practice… but in recording I’ll tell you how.

• What you MUST know about memorizing your keynote speech verses using notes. The answer will surprise — and thrill — you!

• Marketing! I will tell you how much time/energy/money to invest in your marketing and when. Again, the answer will surprise and delight you. Seriously, you’re gonna love this section.

• How to get testimonials that will lead to more invitations to present your keynote.

• How to get referrals from other (more established) speakers.

• What organizations you should join and why. Is Toastmasters really worth it? How about the National Speakers Association? I’ll give you my best advice on both.

If You Read One Thing, Read This: I earn my living by being a motivational speaker. Not by selling these type of products. Sure, I’d love to make you a happy customer. But I’m a speaker first. Can the other people offering you products on how to “Get Rich Quick” through professional speaking claim the same thing? I doubt it. Just Google me and you’ll find that I’m the real deal.

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