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Tips from John Sileo on How To Be A Motivational Speaker

I just had a breakfast with fellow Colorado motivational speaker John Sileo. I thought it would be fun to ask him for a tip about how to be a motivational speaker. Check out the video tip (recorded with my phone.)

Check out the second video in this series  where I talk about choosing the right topic for your motivational speech.

be-a-speaker-labelwebLearn more about how to be a motivational speaker with my audio here.

For those of you who prefer to read, or cannot see the video….here ya go!

Brad Montgomery: This is Brad Montgomery from  One of the questions that I get all the time is how to be a motivational speaker.  Well lucky for you we’ve got one of Colorado’s premiere motivational speakers with me.  He is holding the camera right now.  It is security expert and motivational speaker, John Sileo.  We are going to ask him how to be a motivational speaker and give us a top tip.  So we are going to switch this, watch this.  Quick move.  And say, “Hello, my name is John Sileo.”

John Sileo: Hello, my name is John Sileo.  What else do you want me to say?

Brad Montgomery: How do you get to be a motivational speaker?

John Sileo: You get to know Brad Montgomery.  That’s the honest truth.  If I had one thing to give to people it would be its all about the people you learn from.  It is not necessarily the people you network with it’s not that they’re getting you jobs.  It’s that they’re the ones that let you know you are doing a good job when you are doing a bad job.  Brad for me was the person who finally said, “You know what?  This part of how you’re speaking is crap.  And you need to be more yourself.”  Very honest feedback.  And that one on one coaching that you get, not that you pay for that you get from another speaker, from a close friend, a mentor.  That to me has made all the difference in the world and that is what has made my speaking career so much fun and decent.

Brad Montgomery: Rock on.  You want to learn how to be a motivational speaker?  We’ll see you at

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  1. Jim
    Jim says:

    Great video and great idea Brad! That brain of yours just keeps coming up a multitude of new great ideas.

    Forza! (Go Man!)



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