How to Afford a Top Motivational Speaker (If you have a Limited Budget)

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I often get calls from clients who really want to bring me to their event, but just don’t have the budget to do so.  Does this sound familiar?

Good news:  I have a solution that will work for many of my clients.  

If you have an exhibit hall and/or sponsors, I can probably help you to afford the speaker you (and your audience) deserves.  And selfishly, this creative solution is great for me because I hate for my speaker fee to be the only deciding factor in whether or not we partner. 

What the heck am I talking about?  Well, I have a bombshell idea that every one of your sponsors will crave … it’s a win win for all.  

Let me outline the scenario: with this idea I can help you make up the gap between your budget and my fee as well as make your sponsor ecstatic about their investment in your event.

Sponsors are an integral part of so many events, but their exposure to attendees and their overall impact at the conferences could be so much bigger. What do sponsors really want? To make a splash. To be relevant. To share information. To increase their name and brand. To launch a new product or service.   What do they dread?  They dread sending one or more of their people to your conference, to invest in your convention only to be more-or-less ignored at a small table in the back.  Oh, and that banner with their logo? It’s nice, but what they really want is to be the star of the convention.   

My idea can help the sponsors achieve these goals in a way that is more powerful than a placard, a note by the door, or a logo or banner behind me while I’m on stage. 

Here’s the other problem you have:  your audience will not sit still for a commercial.  If the speaker feels like a commercial for your sponsor, nobody wins.    So how can we promote your sponsor in a way that they will WANT to pay you for, while keeping the audience happy?   You’re gonna love this concept. 

So what’s the big idea?   I begin by mentioning the sponsor multiple times while on stage.  Not as an ad… I’ll insert their name, their selling points and their unique selling proposition into humor.  I’m great at making small jokes about the sponsor in a way that the sponsor LOVES… and makes the audience laugh.  It’s fun.  It’s tongue-in-cheek.  It’s successful. 

This is in no way a commercial. Instead, it’s a clever idea to entertain the audience while promoting the sponsor.   It’s something so fun that every OTHER sponsor will be jealous of the keynote sponsor.   And again, your audience will think it’s clever and fun. 

Happy audience

Biography of a Motivational Speaker

If your sponsor has a booth in the exhibit hall, we can achieve an even greater impact.  It’s hard to get attendees to the sponsor booths.  Even the coolest of swag gets old. Yeah, that free pen, lip balm, and squishy stress ball only have very limited pull. 

I can help here too:  I give the sponsor 50 of my DVD’s and announce that I’ll be in the their booth giving away free discs to the the first people there.  After the keynote I’m like the Pied Piper leading your audience to THEIR booth.  They’ll be thrilled.  And your audience?   They get free stuff… stuff they’ll like more than that highlighter others would be handing out. 

Bottom line:  this is the sort of attention, brand awareness and playful connections that your sponsors are clamoring for.  This is how you ask that sponsor to make up the difference between your budget and my speaker fee.  

Best of all?  You’ll be taking credit for this amazing idea for years to come! Call today and let’s talk about how to make this happen.

Brad Montgomery has a massive collection of pens, mugs, eye glass cleaners, lip balms and hand sanitizers.  But his favorite takeaway from conferences and events are the awesome conversations and connections he makes with both organizers and attendees.  Call today to see how Brad can make a your next meeting epic.

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