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How Do You Become a Comedian? In this podcast we join corporate comedian David Glickman as he tells us about his first paid job as a comedian. Believe it or not, he got this job in the newspaper Help Wanted pages: “Wanted: Comedian.” Can you believe it?

What follows is a crazy and true story about the first of David’s 2000+ experiences as a comedian. The short story is that he was the “voice” behind a remote-controlled robot that visited high-end parties in Southern Florida in the 1970s. With a microphone and a headset, he could hear what people would say to this robot, and then with his microphone he could “answer” back. Wanna find out what happens when this budding comedian meats the ultra hot (at the time anyway) rock star, Meatloaf? I won’t give the story away, but suffice it to say that it was funny, and that it earned the comedian a raise.

Listen to the entire podcast. (Scroll down!) Thanks David!

Brad Montgomery
Corporate Comedian, Public Speaker, Fan of David Glickman

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  1. Jonathon
    Jonathon says:

    Hi there I have just one question to ask you I’m srry if you just expect more than one just one freakin question but it is the only question I could think of. So anyways time to not think of some thing funny that is probaly not that funny so time to get serious. I went to this acting and drama school years ago and I recived a certificate will this certificate get me in the movie comedian buisness and if not let me know how. Ok thanks

  2. Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery
    Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery says:

    Howdy Jonathan. Nope…the bad news is that having a certificate doesn’t help you in the biz. Mostly you have to be good… really good. Marketing becomes important too, but.. alas, the certificate won’t help you.

    Sorry dude!


  3. Jaron Stewart
    Jaron Stewart says:


    I was wondering of any Comedy Clubs around that teenagers can perform at. Most of them sale alcohol ,and you have to at least be 18 which really sucks for someone younger who needs to cut his teeth somewhere. Any advice I can get would be helpful.


  4. Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery
    Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery says:

    Wow. Good question. So how DO younger folks get to be a comedian? Where do you find places to hone your skills?

    You’re right that you need a place practice, and of course you’re right that you cannot use the clubs until you’re of age. My advice is to find ANY place that will use you; and the good news is that if you’re willing to work for free, (which you should be if you’re serious) than you can find plenty of places. Here are just a few of the places I would try if I were serious and if I were 18:
    Youth groups (church groups, synagog groups…anything.)(
    Service clubs (for adults) including Optimist groups, Lions Clubs, rotary clubs etc. These groups need speaker every week, and I’m CERTAIN if you call them or write them and tell them that you are budding comedian (and you are a clean comedian, which I assume you are) and you’d love to do your comedian thing for free that most of them would welcome you with open arms.
    Also, spread the word through all the adults you can find that you need a place to practice your clean comedy. Every 4th adult is a member of some organization that would be happy to find you. So work your network… ask your friend’s parents, folks at work, etc. Ask them to help.

    Jaron…. because you were so kind to ask this comment I have a challege for you. I DARE you. Get yourself in front of 3 non-traditional audiences and then let me know what you did and how it went and I’ll send you something free from my store. (You can do it!)



  5. Ali
    Ali says:


    I am not funny at all it’s not even funny (u see). I want to become a comedian for social and business purpose and also to enhance on my leadership…

    Where do I start and how do I become funny?

  6. Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery
    Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery says:

    I totally appreciate your comment on the blog. Thanks.

    Glad you want to find out how to be a comedian. Me too. : )

    There are many posts on my blog about humor skills. But if you are really interested, I have some free recordings and some for-fee stuff to if you register at

    There is some marketing on that newsletter list, I admit… but I try to give a ton of stuff for free too. :) Hope you enjoy.

    Also, I have some teaching videos about how to be more funny and be a comedian in any setting coming out soon, and they will be released through that list.




  7. Jaron Stewart
    Jaron Stewart says:

    Hey Brad!!! Sorry it took me so long to get back with ya on your dare, but I do believe I have completed it. I performed in front of a local youth group, a business christmas party, and a rally to stop child molestation (A cause very important to me). Anyway after that I was told about a new comedy club about 30 min away from my home. The clubs name is Side Splitters. They just had their grand opening last week. I thought that it was just a local guy tryin to make some money, but there were some really big names that performed at their first club in Tampa like Tim Allen and Jim Carrey. I will be there Febuary 18th because I do not have to be 18 to perform. So hopefully there will be some big talent scouts. Also is there any books or software I can buy that will give me advice on how to modify my jokes.

  8. Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery
    Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery says:

    Jonathon. You rule. Thanks so much for the comment and question. As for resources for learning more, you can chack out “comedy writing secrets” by Melvin Helizer. (I think I spelled it right.) I also like Comedy Writing Step By Step….think it by Perret. Both are good comedy books. (I also have a CD program called GOT MIRTH at the store area.

    But to be honest, the best way to learn is to do. Do it. Do it. Do it over and over. As much as you can. Learn to CRAVE your time on the stage, because nothing will teach you like doing it.

    The most important part of this thing is learning how to be you. It sounds weird, but it’s true. You can study others, and study technique, but getting used to being you in your own skin in front of an audience is hard for most of us. And the best way to do it is by repetition.

    Ok…here is your challenge…. let me know what you do next, how you are able to creatively find more stage time and stay in touch. I’d love to help.



  9. Jaron Stewart
    Jaron Stewart says:

    Hey Brad!!

    Ok thanks for the help I will post updates on what happens and I will definitely keep in touch so keep a good watch on this blog. I am also going to audition for The Last Teen Comic standing in Nashville to be a sequel series to the Last Comic Standing. I might be in over my head in that, but you never know till you try. I cant wait to see what the future brings and I will probably be asking you a lot of questions. I am about seven min into your teleconference right now so I know I will learn a lot from that.

    Thanks Brad

  10. Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery
    Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery says:

    Hi Robert… you might have a good sense of how to be a comedian, but it looks like you need a book on “how to use spell check.” : ) See! It’s funny!

  11. Ruby Clifton
    Ruby Clifton says:

    Its certainly not funny acting funny. Acting out comedy with a meaning is probably the most difficult role. Everybody laughs at dirty jokes. You’re a successful comedian, if you can manage to make the audience laugh without appearing or sounding vulgar.

  12. Nick
    Nick says:

    Hi..I’m nick at school everyone wants to sit next to me because I’m the funniest kid in the school, and I’m constantly told I should do stand up. I’m 13 so idk where I could perform…help plz

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