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Announcing the release of Comedy War Stories, a new audio for sale in our store.

If you are like me and love hearing crazy fiasco and disaster stories from folks about their jobs; or if you you think it might be fun to her what comedians talk about when the show is over; or if you think it might be fun to learn all of the crazy things that happen to comedians on the way up their career ladder… then lucky you, I havecomedian war stories something I think you’ll love.

Florida Corporate Comedian David Glickman and I recorded a once-in-a-lifetime program when we were working together in California, and we were lucky to get it on tape.

We just got it edited and formated and ready for sale in the store. This audio is available as a MP3 download (which means instant gratification, and no shipping!)

I’m really proud of it, and if you click here you’ll be able to hear a free sample ( of a crazy story about me and my first job working at a renaissance festival in Colorado and all of the million things that went wrong).

This program was a hoot;  the energy is great, David and I tease each other a bunch in a funny way, and the stories (all of which are true) kept the audience on the edges of their seats.
Looking for something funny and positive to listen to on the way to work? How about a look behind the curtain of some entertainers? Are you interested in learning what it takes to become a comedian yourself?

Click here for the details on how to buy this funny conversation between two working professional comedians.

Brad Montgomery
Corporate Comedian, Teller of Funny Comedian Stories


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