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We’re back with more of our interview with Kansas City, Missouri based corporate comedian and humorist motivational speaker Mark Mayfield.

He talks a bit about how we can see the world through the lens of a comedian. If we can see the world with a sense of humor it helps us keep some of the more difficult times at bay, and helps us to approach our lives with a better sense of perspective and lightness.mark mayfield corporate comedian

How can we improve our sense of humor? Specific ideas or techniques? Mark gave us some:

• Be a kid and play. (Halloween is an excellent opportunity for even serious adults to play! It is the ONE time of year we can — and should — dress up, play, be goofy, and work on our sense of humor. It’s an opportunity to be — and act like— a kid.)
• Hand out with upbeat people. (You’ll find yourself at your funniest when you’re with funny people.)
• Start your day in a good way; start your day with a laugh. (Play with your pet, read the comics, play with your kids… whatever! But start you day with a laugh.)
• Make humor a habit. Do it daily and it becomes more natural and easier with time.

Marks goal, each and every day, is to make his wife laugh. She can tell when he is beat down and tired, and is still always able to make him laugh. And so he works hard to return the favor.

Thanks Mark.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Corporate Comedian, Fan of Mark Mayfield

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    Hi… Can’t believe someone out there is providing such value and greatness though motivational and inspirational advice.. I like the podcast idea… I did something myself… Check it out at my website and let me know your thoughts! … Do keep in touch!! and all the best!

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