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The other day I had the opportunity to interview Mark Comacho for the podcast. Mark is a very successful video, media and broadcasting expert and I was really excited to interview him. I’ve known him for at least 25 years and he’s been such a great influence on my career just in the way he approaches video and other media. His knowledge about his industry is phenomenal. He’s been in this game long enough that he has seen a lot of changes in the way we capture images and video to a camera, how we edit it, and even how we use it.

He was a perfect guest for this podcast because he genuinely is successful, interesting, and awesome. What struck me the hardest was that he really doesn’t have a single secret for success. He’s just always been an interested and interesting guy. He’s always been a person who genuinely likes to help other people. He’s a guy who has the strong work ethic to create an awesome product. And most of all… He’s fun to be with. He’s a nice guy.

When you put all these characteristics together you get a guy who’s been successful in an industry that has gone through constant change. Mark is the poster child for entrepreneurs. His willingness to be flexible and to adapt to the changing market and changing technology means he doesn’t let a fast changing industry pass him by. He adapts and he thrives. And his absolutely uncynical approach to serving others is a total inspiration.

The recording is really fun I encourage you to listen to it. But I thought I’d give you a couple of my favorite highlights.

Mark told the story about being a very young adult just out of college when he realized he needed to own his own cameras and other tech. He took out a loan for $10,000 and bought a ridiculously expensive set up; it was a process up that meant he could play with biggest players. And then he started doing just that.

He was on the very front edge of event videography. Picture a dance competition or dance recital where the lucky parents had an old and clunky camcorder. Enter Mark with a two camera set up and a professional director to create videotapes families could buy for only $35. The families were thrilled, and Mark sold gazillions of these high end captures of the dance recital. Yes… Mark thought that up. How cool is that!?

Another highlight for me was a little bit of a surprise. I was asking Mark about the changes in the way video is edited. Modern video just seems fast-paced and a little bit rushed. Whereas video edited 20 years ago has much slower cuts and a slower pace. Part of this, according to Mark, is a trend. But also there is style. Video editors have a style.

Mark is very clear on what his style is, knows how to describe it, and knows why he’s using it. Of course he’s influenced by trends and progress. But also he knows how to be true to his own art.

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A good portion of Mark’s work through the years has been working with motivational speakers and inspirational speakers. I expected a more cynical recounting of what it was like to work with, film and edit so many motivational speakers. But once again Mark surprised me in all of the best ways. Basically he said that he’s really enjoyed working with people in the motivational speaking world and that they have helped him and inspired him. He says some of what we in my speaker business do has rubbed off on him. Dang it, I love this guy!

But really the most massive take away and favorite part of the podcast is learning just exactly how uncynical Mark is. He enjoys the world and the people in it. He enjoys his work and helping others achieve their dreams. He genuinely likes people and I think because of that fact people genuinely like him.

He didn’t have a master plan to build his media empire. He just brought his passion and skills together with a super winning personality and the money has followed.

What a great role model.

Thanks Mark. It was a blast!!!

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