Hostgator and Endurance? I'm talking to you! (And it's fun!) | Brad Montgomery
Brad doing magic with five audience members

I was ready to leave my website host, for about 80 reasons.  motivational speaker for hostgatoreThat’s the number of hours I (conservatively estimate) that I spent on the phone (or in a support “chat”) with Hostgator.

It’s complicated, but I had a problem that was nagging.  All of the “fixes” that my MANY calls to support used didn’t fix the issue.

I was shopping for new hosts, and even opened an account with a competitor.

But then something AWESOME happened.  I met a guy on your support team who understands and EMBRACES ownership, passion, buy-in and service.  He, over the course of a three weeks, stuck with me and the problem got fixed.  He knows that one guy CAN make a difference.  He’s willing to step up and be “that guy.”

I’m starting to talk about my total frustration with Hostgator in my public talks.  Happily, I’m starting to work in this one magical dude who made a difference.

HostGator and Endurance!  Help me write the end of the story.  Call me and let’s talk about how we can ..

Celebrate this special guy.

Teach the rest of your team using his story.

Help make a happily-ever-after ending that this story deserves.

It was touch and go for a while.  But one guy saved the day.  Let’s talk!  303.691.0726

— Brad Montgomery


Brad Montgomery is a business speaker who focuses on the People Side of Business.  He is a motivational and funny presenter who speaks across the country and around the world.  Contact him today to book this motivational speaker for your meeting or event.  And if you’re Hostgator or Endurance?  Let’s talk about how we can inspire and motivate your team to do better using a story from ONE OF YOUR OWN ROCKSTARS!

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