After my job speaking in Missouri somebody in my audience approached me and told me a really funny practical joke. (He too believes in the power of Humor in the Workplace.)

He had somebody call his Manager and tell him that he (the boss) had been arrested for hitting one of their customers. And that the customer was hurt really bad (broken eye socket). They were instructed to call a lawyer.

The manager did what he was told…. and freaked out in the meantime. How could his boss lose it? He HIT somebody? They would be sued and would lose. And was that customer ok? Which customer was it.

Apparently after the joke was revealed the manager wouldn’t talk to his boss for 3 days. Though they laugh about it now. And the lawyer he called still charged them $200.

I’m totally into practical jokes. And I’m all for adding more play at work. But even I think this is a bit over the line.

But again, for them it made sense. They know each other really well and both had a love of practical jokes.

Too far? I think so. But it still made me laugh. And I love that they went to great lengths to play at work. And again, for these two guys, it all made sense…..

What do you think?

Missouri Motivational Humorist Speaker

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