That’s just it. You don’t have to; you can have both.Flash mob for hire

I’ve been a funny motivational speaker for 25 years and I’ve done a bunch of crazy stuff to get my audiences engaged, energized and ready to learn.

But lately I’ve been playing with Flash Mobs… “Instantly” turning the audience into a choreographed, awesome dance mob that surprises a tiny percentage of the audience.

In this case, we took some of the top sales people from this organization and punked them. The audience was buzzing with excitement as they quickly learned the dance. And they were psyched up for the anticipation of fooling and absolutely surprising their sales guys.

Who needs to hire a flash mob company? Just call our office and let us walk you through the process of arranging a flash mob for your organization.

Most clients who hire me to be a motivational speaker are eager to hear about this added-value service. It’s a no brainer (which I think might be a fancy speaker term, but I’m not sure.) What I do know is that if you’re ready to take your meeting or convention to the next level; if you’re ready to make your group WANT to learn; if you want your people sending video and text home (and to their offices) bragging about how much fun they are having at your meeting; if you want to create an environment where people are creative, innovative and ready for change….then you need a Flash Mob with Brad-iTude!

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.


Brad Montgomery
One-Man- Flash – Mob -Company, Happiness Motivational Speaker, Meeting Energizer

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