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I just found this photo of me (aged 16 or so) doing magic on the streets of Denver, Colorado for tips. (Yup… it is weird to happen upon a photo of yourself; I found this in a Denver website.) I did a ton of work then as a street magician, doing magic tricks and telling jokes for tips.

I’m not certain that this was my best work as a magician, but hey! Everybody has to start somewhere.

If nothing else, it speaks to the fact that to be successful in this job (as a comedian, magician, speaker… whatever) you’ve got to have a TON of experience in front of audiences. Get it where you can.

Stagetime (or, in this case, sidewalk time) is crucial for anybody who wants to be an outstanding presenter. Looking at this photo reminds me of a hundred stories (like the time a drunk guy poured a beer into my hat as a “tip.” Yuck.)

Mostly though I have really great memories. I remember at age 16 doing a few shows in Larimar Square in Downtown Denver and made more money than I could have flipping burgers for a few sweeks. (I was so happy I felt high.)

Brad Montgomery
Speaker, Former Street Performer, Lover of Tips!

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