There is a Bad Boss contest… this is a contest that you don’t want to win. Humor in the workplace is just one of the ways you can be a better leader, manager and … er… boss.

But while you’re working to improve your managing skills, you might as well read about some of the worst bosses in America. Look at this cool site, and look at this fun excerpt:

BadBoss – My Bad Boss Contest
Heart of Stone
I had been working in a grease factory. The bosses were heartless and treated the workers like scum. My job was evolving into a supervisory position, and one of the bosses was giving me special training one day when we got word that there had been an explosion in the factory. It was frightening news that an employee had just been badly injured and might lose an eye. We were hurrying down the corridor on our way to the accident site when my boss stopped suddenly for a moment and carefully instructed me: “Remember when we get there, you’ve got to act like you care.”

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Brad Montgomery
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