Funny healthcare speaker Brad Montgomery recently spoke to a healthcare audience in rural Virginia. Watch this testimonial video to see what they thought about Brad. Spoiler: they loved him!

Motivational Speaker is Back on the Road! Brad's VLOG
Motivational Speaker is Back on the Road! Brad's VLOG

SOCIAL PROOF about Brad's Keynote Experience in Healthcare

How do you know if your speaker is any good? I’m glad you asked. Here are a few thoughts:

First of all look for testimonials like this one from actual clients. Don’t be fooled, some unqualified motivational speakers have pulled some shenanigans and put up fake testimonials. But real testimonials are easy to spot. Look at the setting, listen to the people, look for the name tags,… You get it. Don’t be fooled by a fake testimonial.

Second remind yourself that it’s totally acceptable to ask your potential healthcare speaker for phone numbers of recent clients. Tell your speaker you want to check up on them to make sure they are everything they say they are. Truly professional keynote speakers will not be offended, they’ll be thrilled to offer you a long list of happy clients.

Third, it’s helpful to look at your motivational speaker on YouTube or other social media for an extensive body of work. Make sure you are not hiring a motivational  speaker who is new to the business. Newer or entry level speakers can do really well on a good day. But if you really want a guarantee of success you want somebody who has been at this for years and years. Do you want somebody who can deliver no matter what. Difficult news? Weird room set up? Maybe your speaker has a cold or had difficult travel troubles? Do you want a speaker who can deliver no matter what. Search YouTube for older videos to make sure your speaker has experience.

Use your creativity looking at these older videos. I have a ton of videos up from me performing a very long time ago. None of that material is current or relevant to what I’m doing for my audiences today. But I’m proud of the fact that they show I’ve been at this job for a very long time. I have honed this craft over decades and your audience will be the beneficiary.

The final bit of advice is to give your speaker a call. I would love it if you called me so we could chat about what exactly you’re looking for, and allow me to offer a few ideas. I can prove to you that I customize and tailor every event which is yet another characteristic that sets me apart from other keynote speakers.

I look forward to talking to you!  Contact us here.

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Bio of a Funny Motivational Speaker

Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery is an award-winning speaker.   He speaks to audiences across the globe (and across the USA), and is based in Denver, Colorado.

Although he speaks to audiences in nearly every industry, he is known as a funny health care speaker, a education speaker for teachers, a real estate speaker, and a sales speaker.   He got his start as a magician & comedian, but now is known almost exclusively as keynote speaker.

He speaks both at live, in-person events, as well as online and virtually as a zoom speaker. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your audience, if you’re ready to invest in your people, give us a call now.

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