How to Pick A Healthcare Speaker | Preview Video | Brad Montgomery

How to Pick A Healthcare Speaker | Preview Video

Funny Preview Video

Funny Healthcare speaker Brad Montgomery talks about harnessing social & emotional support to increase everything from engagement, to recruitment and retention, to epic patient care. Oh… And his clients love him because he’s also very funny.

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How To Pick a Health Care Speaker?

And he’s excited to share this preview video that shows his experience in front of those groups.  

Here are Three Tips to choosing the right healthcare keynote speaker for your organization.

1. Check the Healthcare Video.  Check Closely. 

One of the things that we love about this video is that if you look behind Brad in the clips you’ll notice the logos. They are from healthcare audiences. Nursing. Healthcare facilities management. A software company who’s only product and service is in support of healthcare.

The small fact is a big deal. When you’re picking a motivational speaker make sure that that speaker has experience in your chosen industry. Audiences are sophisticated. They know when they are watching a speaker who doesn’t fully understand them. With Brad they notice the opposite; this motivational speaker gets them. It makes the message more powerful. It makes the jokes were funny. And it makes the experience more sticky. And sticky as what you want because this means your people will remember and learn from this motivational speaker in ways that make your investment seem tiny compared to ROI. 

2.  Make Sure Your Motivational Speaker Has A Relevant Message.

Did you hire a healthcare speaker only to have them talk about profits? Or a motivational speaker who is only about personal development without any understanding of your full healthcare mission?

Brad Montgomery understands that your people are all about epic patient care and patient experience. He understands that if we invest in the people side of healthcare every measurable metric will go up.

Brad Montgomery also understands that epic patient experiences are also related to finances. If you can’t keep the doors open you can’t deliver patient care. He understands that recruitment and retention, reimbursement and bottom line finances are equally as important as fantastic patient care.

3. Look for a body of work. You don’t want a newbie healthcare speaker.

We encourage you not just a look at this most recent health care motivational speaker preview video, but the look on YouTube and see other versions. Notice with Brad Montgomery you see a ridiculously complete body of work.  And if you look close on Youtube, you can see some healthcare testimonials from way back.  Yup, Brad works for all industries.  But what we want you to notice is that he has a long track record working in the healthcare industry.

Brad is proud of this fact. 

His older videos are out of date and he would clearly tell you that he has improved since those early videos were published. But the older videos prove that he’s been at this game for a long time.

Why do you care? Because when you hire Brad you want a guaranteed success.  You don’t want a new speaker honing new material for the first time. You don’t want a new speaker who on their good days delivers but for the rest of the day to knows? Do you want somebody who has been there and done that so that when they get in front of your audience you know they will come through for you.   You want Brad Montgomery.

Whether you are putting together a small conference for your healthcare leaders, or you have a huge association of surgical technologist or nurses or maybe even an audience filled with healthcare software users for your users group meeting, you want something fun. You want something relevant.  Do you want something memorable. And you want something that will help your audience improve both them selves and those people around them.

You want Brad Montgomery.

Give us a call and we will talk about customizing one of Brad’s funny Keynote for your audience. Will talk about targeting the specific needs of your specific group. And we’ll talk about making you… The meeting planner… looking like a rockstar for booking Brad.

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Bio of a Healthcare Motivational Speaker

Health Care Speaker Brad Montgomery is an award-winning speaker.

Although Brad speaks to audiences in nearly every industry, he has a specialty for those audiences in and around health care. Why?  Because you people talk!  And he loves that.  His clients come from referrals.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your audience, if you’re ready to invest in your people, give us a call now.

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