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Yup…. Karyn Buxman!

Karyn Buxman is a nurse, a motivational speaker, and a health care provider. Based in Missouri, she is also the big cheese behind HumoRx. She is an author (And has a chapter in my book, Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the power of laughter). And she is a friend.

Karyn is great for any audience…. she is genuinely funny. But specializes in health care groups.

She is a firm believer — as am I — that groups, perhaps especially healthcare groups are better off if they can use humor, laughter, and smiles to help deal with the stresses of their job. And that when you feel like crying, the best way to deal with it might be to laugh. (AND to cry.)

She’s awesome. Thank Karyn. Nice work.

Check out my work as a health care speaker.

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