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Having a Bad Day? Try this…

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Here’s a proven fact: when you invest in the happiness of others, your happiness is increased as well. How ironic is that? One of the most selfish things you can do is to invest in someone else’s happiness! Not sold on this idea?  Try this: when you are having a crappy day, make an effort to improve somebody else’s day. Trust me, you’ll feel the magic.

Is this just motivational speaker jargon?  Absolutely not!  I have seen the effects of this theory first hand through years of speaking to leadership teams and high performing clients.

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But don’t just take MY word for it—know that science also tells us that investing in others is really an investment in ourselves.  And organizations such as Harvard and University of California Berkeley have also published research on this simple trick to improve happiness.

So how does this work as a strategy? You do something!  And it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be as simple as just sending an encouraging email or text. And that’s something that you can do right now, today.

Maybe this note is to your kid, or your spouse, or even a co-worker.  Tell your kid that she’ll nail that test; let your co-worker know that your day is better because he always has your back; share with your spouse that you appreciate the little things they do each day that make your life better.  Just the act of sending that text or email, regardless of the reaction of the receiver, makes you happy.

Oddly, investing in others makes your day better and gives you motivation for bad days. So, today I invite you to indulge in selfishness. The kind that gives people a lift in spirit. Go ahead..make your own day better.

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Brad Montgomery loves to make all of his days better by appreciating others.  Brad has spoken to groups small and large on the topic of happiness and how investing in the people side of business can improve your bottom line.  Contact Brad today to find out how he can make your next meeting or conference epic.

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