When flying into Missouri for my speaker gig, United Airlines misplaced my bag. (Direct flight…. hard to imagine what the problem was.)

But in a couple of ways, it was lucky.

1st: My client had hired me partly to be a speaker who reminded them to laugh at what is given you; to lighten up and enjoy life. Even when it throws you a curve. Life didn’t throw me a curve, United did. But still, it is pretty hard to be ticked off when you are speaking to others about NOT being ticked off.

2nd: My bag lost contained my props. I’m a magician motivational speaker. Magician. No props? How can you be a magician? Still, I had a few “emergency” props I keep in my carry-on, and after a quick trip to Wal-Mart, all was well again. And best of all? It was fun. Fun for me to think outside of my (prop) box to make sure my client was happy.

How cool is that?! United messed me up and ended up making me happy. (No United, this isn’t permission to lose my bag every time.)

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