What is healing humor?

What is healing humor?

by Dan Gascon

Humor has great healing power when used appropriately. By transcending the seriousness of the individual’s or group’s past experiences, humor can relieve and revive, creating a positive common force between people and cultures. It can even defuse and ease tension that is racial or hateful. Humor always has its best results when it is felt and thought out, so increase your understanding by learning the guidelines for Healing Humor:


ACCEPTS the difficulty in situations along life’s journey.

TAKES RESPONSIBILITY for its actions and reactions.

BONDS people and issues together in understanding.

LAUGHS with others and at itself.

SOLVES problems.

BUILDS CONFIDENCE in group and individual situations.

INVOLVES everyone in the fun.

EMPOWERS the forces of change.

“If our attempt at humor is gentle and from the heart, the risks are minimal; we cannot fail.”
Allen Klein

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Copyright 2005 by Dan Gascon. Reprinted with permission. Founder of Humor for your Health. Reach Dan at www.humorforyourhealth.com