What is comedy?

What is comedy?

by Dan Gascon

“Comedy, we may say, is society protecting itself – with a smile.”
J.B. Priestley

Comedy is humor’s day-job. It is defined as: an amusing art form with a happy ending; a class of play or show; a funny happening or incident; the comic or humorous element in life. What comes to your mind when you think of comedy, and what makes it in your life?

Comedy is made by pointing out the incongruities (the inappropriate, out of place, unharmonious, incompatible, inconsistent and illogical) in life.

Most comedy happens two ways:

1. When the expected is replaced by the unexpected.
2. On a realization, a falling into place or a getting it.

The link between what is comedy and what is tragic is as old as mankind. In fact, most theater and film humor stories combine both elements in a form known as the tragicomedy – the main character has to survive numerous roadblocks, setbacks and disasters to achieve his/her goal. Doesn’t that tell the story of a large part of your life? It is your choice on how you will look on any incident. Will it be a comedy or a tragedy?

“Tragedy gives us a sense of human courage, comedy a sense of wild irrational hope.”
Peter Berger

Copyright 2005 by Dan Gascon. Reprinted with permission. Founder of Humor for your Health. Reach Dan at www.humorforyourhealth.com