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A while back I was at the National Speakers Association with Dr. Brad Nieder…known to his many audiences as The Healthy Humorist. Brad is a good friend, and an amazingly talented and funny professional speaker.  I took the opportunity — and took out my phone — to record his top tips for how to be a professional speaker.

I love what he says about putting in the time and having patience.  (And in his case, having patients.) Thanks for sharing the advice, Brad!

Thanks Fun Seekers!

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Ok, for you non-readers, here’s the transcript:

Hi, this is Brad Montgomery from I don’t know everything about how to be a motivational speaker but it turns out I know the people who know how to be a motivational speaker. I’m going to introduce you to Brad Nieder. Dr. Brad Nieder is the Healthy Humorist. This guy is hilarious, he’s a medical doctor who’s actually funny and one of the many things I love about Brad is that besides being funny he really took a study towards becoming a professional speaker. So it will give him a chance to tell us one of his top tips about how to be a motivational speaker.

Go, all right, that’s good, good, alright.

Brad Nieder: All right, how to do it. Yeah. The first thing is go to medical school because the M.D. that’s my calling card, that’s what gets me in. So you want to go to medical school and get the medical degree. No, you don’t need to do that. You just have to be committed. You have to put in the time. You have to get out there and do it for free, for a cup of coffee, and make that your lab, and test out your material, and find out what works. And you got to be patient because as good as you might be it’s going to take time for people to find out about you, and for you to make a name for yourself, and to get out there. So get out and steel yourself you’re going to hear people tell you all the time, you can’t do that. Especially if you’re leaving the medical path, which is a very safe, very well drawn out path for you. And you’re going to hear people say, you’re crazy, you’re nuts, you can’t go out there and be a motivational doctor, you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s uncertain, stay on your safe path. And you got to steel yourself for that kind of criticism, and that kind of comments, and you got to stick to your course, do your thing, and write you material, and keep at it and just do it, and have a glass of good scotch.

Brad Montgomery: Alright, so that’s Brad Nieder from Healthy Humorist, I’m Brad Montgomery, Thanks, see you with the scotch.

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