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Illness is a laughing matter

Illness is a laughing matter

by Dan Gascon

Many of us sometimes feel that when we are physically sick that the illness is in control of us. We feel we must also appear downtrodden, troubled, immobile and not in good spirits. Sadly, when it involves someone else, there can be a tendency to shy away from them. Your sense of humor allows you to choose, think, and be otherwise.

“Humor gives us freedom to act. Patients can be so paralyzed by conflicts and self-imposed restrictions that they forget that they are free to act to change their circumstances.”
Dr. Weeled A. Salameh

Humor can be used as a medication to soothe, defer and alleviate. It improves moods, boosts immune systems, lowers blood pressure and speeds recovery time. It copes with anything, even the challenge of a hospital stay or just going for medical attention. It is an essential tool that is common with doctor, nurse and patient alike.

“Let the surgeon take care to regulate the whole regime of the patient’s life for joy and happiness, allowing his relatives and special friends to cheer him, and by having someone tell him jokes. The surgeon must rebel against anger, hatred and sadness in the patient and remind him that the body grows fat from joy and thin from sadness.”
Henri de Mondeville

Humor is a therapeutic, healthy and natural way to heal. Gentle and appropriate jokes, smiles and laughter are never more effective and appreciated than when we are under the weather.


1. HELPS the person step back from their illness.

2. GAINS perspective and a breath of fresh air.

3. SHOWS them that there is more to life than just physical disabilities.

4. OPENS minds to realities that are fun, joyous and light.

5. MAKES them smile.

6. ACHIEVES states that are tranquil, flowing and worry-free.

7. VALIDATES the fact that although someone may be seriously ill or in the process of dying, at the moment, they are alive!

8. INVOLVES everyone in conversation.

9. INSULATES against loneliness and fear.

10. IS A SIGN of approval, caring, compassion and connection.

11. LOVES them with lightness and joy.



Copyright 2005 by Dan Gascon. Founder of Humor for your health. Reprinted with permission. Reach Dan at

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