The Gift of laughter

The Gift of laughter

by Dan Gascon

Laughter is a bonding force that has no cultural, social or spiritual exemptions. Laughter is the sweetest human music, the medicine of the soul, the sound healing and a window into the heart’s concerns and interests. Hence the ancient saying;

By their joy and laughter, shall ye know them, heal them, and love them

Laughter’s main gift, is it’s healing power over our bodies, minds and souls. Mentally, it can transcend any situation by causing us to focus outward and expand our vision away from the issue at hand. It separates us form the “funk” we may be in and installs a sense of self-protection and control over our environment. It gives us a break when things become too difficult to handle. Laughter helps us cope and gives us new perspectives illustrated in this mantra;

Pleasant thoughts, words and sounds mean happiness and health abounds

The physical effects of laughing are dramatic and essential to our well-being. Laughing relives us of tension and stress, and stimulates the immune system. Medical studies show how serum cortisol levels are lowered and T-cell production increases significantly when laughing. Endorphins are also released in the pleasure centers of our brain when we chuckle, snicker or laugh, giving us a natural “high” feeling. Laughter also gives us an excellent aerobic workout by increasing our oxygen intake, enhancing our respiration and lowering our blood pressure. The movement of the diaphragm during laughter stimulates surrounding organs like the stomach, kidneys and liver, acting as an internal massage. It’s credo to the body is;

Laughter balances our steps as we walk the tightrope of life

Laughing empowers and lifts the spirit. When we feel low, depressed or down, a lighthearted spirit always has the ability to see us through. The experience of laughter, even if just for the moment, banishes feelings of loneliness, anger and fear. It overrides any predicament by drawing our attention away from our upsets and giving us feelings that are carefree and hopeful. Laughing enhances our quality of life and the will to live. It replenishes the spirits energy fueled by this saying;

Joy is the echo of God’s life within us

So take with you the many gifts that laughter has to offer. It is a tonic, a relief from pain and can withstand any assault. It has the power to make new friends and heal old wounds. Laughter can bring sunshine into any room by driving sorrow, grief and regret from the human face. Cherishing time spent sharing honest laughter is pure and divine. Above all remember;

He who laughs, lasts


Copyright 2005 by Dan Gascon. Founder of Humor for your health. Reprinted with permission. Reach Dan at