Evaluate your sense of humor

Evaluate your sense of humor

By Dan Gascon

So how aware are you of your beliefs about smiling, laughing, mirth, humor and life in general?

Well, don’t just sit there, grab a pen or pencil and ask yourself twenty questions to evaluate your sense of humor.

Answer each question from 1 – 7, and remember there are no right or wrong answers here. This is just a guideline to give you a base to work from. Be honest with yourself; don’t dwell on any question.


Your Sense of Humor Evaluation

(1-never 2-almost never 3-seldom 4-sometimes 5-often 6-almost always 7-always)

1. I have a lot of laughs.
2. I have a lot of fun.
3. I laugh at my own mistakes.
4. I think happy, fun and uplifting thoughts.
5. I am spontaneous.
6. I like to hear and tell jokes.
7. I take myself lightly at work.
8. I like to watch and read humorous material.
9. I take responsibility for my own happiness.
10. I consider other’s feelings before I attempt any humor.
11. I surround myself with positive family and friends.
12. I plan time to play.
13. I avoid giving offense with my humor.
14. I like to hear and tell funny life stories.
15. I use my sense of humor to cope in unpleasant times.
16. I like to act silly.
17. I plan and take time for vacations.
18. I am happy to give of myself.
19. I use my sense of humor to deal with stress.
20. I believe the more I laugh, the healthier I am.

Add your Score:

Well, let’s see where your mind is at.

If your score was between 115-140, you have an excellent humor concept and attitude. Whether you realize it or not, you are a humor teacher and well on your way to really influencing others. This book will aid you a great deal in that process.

If your score was between 85-114, your concept and attitude are good and right in the “healthy” North-American average. This book will be an excellent tool for you to bump it up a notch.

Between 50-84, is fair. You probably feel you really need this and may even be a little “Humor-challenged” (Get the Guidebook). You will have a good time with this book. Take the evaluation again when you’ve finished reading and compare your scores. You’ll be impressed.

If you scored 25-49, you are officially; “Humor-challenged” (Get the Guidebook)You have brought up some issues and perhaps, you were a little hard on yourself? This book will be quite an experience for you.

If you answered 24 or less with honesty and sincerity – Yikes! Take it again another day or you might be best to seek further professional advice.

“I think, therefore I am. (Ergo cogito sum.)”



Copyright 2005 by Dan Gascon. Founder of Humor for your health. Reprinted with permission. Reach Dan at www.humorforyourhealth.com