Control your attitude


Part of the Humor Hint Series

by Patt Schwab, Ph.D.

Literary critic Swifty Lazar lived into his 80s with the motto:
“Everyday I wake up and expect something wonderful to happen.
If it hasn’t happened by lunchtime, I make it happen!”

Here are five ways to control your attitude to make something wonderful happen for you:

1. It’s trite, but it works: go out of your way to be friendly to the first personyou meet each day-at home or at work. This will set the stage for an emotionally upbeat day.

2. For one month- or however long it takes you to establish the mental habit-
Make a daily list of the good things that happen. If you can’t find any good things, lower your standards! Remember, not all of us can win the Lottery or end world hunger. We can, however, celebrate finishing a report, finding an empty parking place or seeing a beautiful sunset.

3. Review your list before you go to sleep each night-it will help you to sleep.

4. Make a list of things you enjoy doing. It might include a walk, a soak in the tub, sharing a joke with a friend, drawing a picture, reading a book, even cleaning the lint trap, whatever works! Each morning choose one you will do during the day.

Regularly change the time of day you do your enjoyable item. Schedule it when you need a break or for a reward, or as a stimulus for creative problem solving.

5. At least once a month, ask yourself:

What have I done to make my work life more enjoyable?

What have I done to make my home life more enjoyable?

What can I do to increase the frequency of the things I like about my job and my home?


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