10 Appropriate Humor Tips

10 Appropriate Humor Tips

by Dan Gascon

All you have to do to become more confident in being appropriate with your humor is to be open, aware, practice and follow these tips:

10 Things That Can Make Humor Appropriate

1. Always consider your audience first.

2. Intend to invoke smiles, joy and laughs.

3. Introduce it gradually.

4. Trust your instincts.

5. Be diplomatic.

6. See the good clean fun in the situation.

7. Enjoy it yourself.

8. Be able to take it yourself.

9. Use set-ups that prepare your audience.

10. Share the spotlight.

Always remember to be tactful and honest with your sense of humor. If you give it freely and often, it will make you a healing humor force.

“If you pay attention to other’s needs and feelings,

you will rarely be guilty of letting bad timing turn positive into negative humor.”

C.W. Metcaff

Copyright 2005 by Dan Gascon. Founder of Humor for your health. Reprinted with permission. Reach Dan at www.humorforyourhealth.com