Guest Speakers

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Dr Joseph Mitchelli

Laughing Your Way Through Work

Diverting Leadership Style With Humor

Adding Humor To Your Family

What’s So Funny?

Jest For The Health Of It!

Izzy Gesell

The Way We Laughed

Prevent Hardening Of The Attitudes With Humor

Re-Moralizing Ourselves Through Humor

Dan Gascon

What Is Healing Humor?

What Is Comedy?

The Healing Effects Of Humor

The Ancient History Of Humor And Health

Stress-Proof Your Festive Season With Humor

Keys To Telling Jokes

Illness Is A Laughing Matter

Humor Tips At Work And School

10 Appropriate Humor Tips

The Six Amazing Powers Of Laughter

Take Yourself Lightly, Take Your Work Seriously

5 Facts Of Humor’s Balancing Act

Play Is The Essence Of Humor

Evaluate Your Sense Of Humor

The Gift Of Laughter

Karyn Buxman

When Is A Joke Not A Joke?

Tap Those Creative Juices

Mind If I Laugh?

Is Your Humor A Safe Bet?

5 Tips For Making Humor A Hit At Your Next Event

Some Day We’ll Laugh About This

What Trips Your Trigger?

The “Laughter Factor”

Humor As A Cost-Effective Means Of Stress Management

Today’s Nursing Crisis: A Laughing Matter?

Allen Klein

The Perspective Of Humor

Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think

Ronald P. Culberson

Turn Your Trade Show Into A FUNvention

Prescription For Humor

A Dose Of Humor Keeps You From Losing Your Patients

When Is It OK To Laugh?

Is Your Glass Laugh Full | Sample Chapter

Warren St. John

Joke Is Dead

Patt Schwab, Ph.D

Do The Hokey Pokey

Take A Pause

Stressed For Success

When Hell Freezes Over

Build A Better Workplace

Control Your Attitude

Creating Positive People

Learning The Hard Way

Humor’s Role in Tragedy

Harriet Meyerson

Difficult Transitions

Patricia Fripp

Work In The Humor Place

How Speakers Can Use Humor As A “Branding” Technique

Scott Friedman

Punchlines, Pitfalls, And Powerful Programs (Book) Sample Chapter

Laura Stack

How To Get More Local Business And Love Staying Home

How To Bring In Big-Name Speakers On A Low-Dollar Budget

The 10 Commandments For Professional Speakers

Courtney Lingle

Everyone’s A Comedian

Dr. Brad Nieder

How To Be A Professional Speaker

David Glickman

Punchline Your Bottom Line | Sample Book Chapter

Connect With Your Audience

Doug Stevenson

Write Way To Success

Theme Weaving – Speaker Tips From Politicians


Stop Trying To Please The Audience

Speak From The Heart

Signature Stories

Signature Stories 2

Serve The Message

The Script Shall Set You Free

How To Rehearse

Top 10 Mistakes

Private Stuff

Memorize & Insight


Goals And Deadlines

Give Yourself Permission

Frame It With A Story

Don’t Make Me Stop This Car!


Choosing A Mentor

You’ll Never Make It To The Big Time By Playing Small

Method Acting

Destination, Structure, And Character

From The Ground Up

Comedy Writing And Timing

Humor Big Drama Small

Make Waves

Business As Unusual

Mark Sanborn

Selecting A Professional Speaker

How To Get The Most From Your Investment In A Professional Speaker

7 Reasons Speakers Flop

6 Principles For Powerful Presenting