100% Guaranteed, Iron-clad Money Back Guarantee

Here’s my policy about my motivational speaking: if you don’t like what I do for your organization, Guaranteed motivational speaker Brad MontgomeryI’ll give you your money back. Simple, huh? I’ve been professionaly speaking for over 20 years. Yes, I have had wild programs. Yes, I’ve had some hilarious and weird stuff happen on the platform. But I’ve NEVER had a client ask for their money back. Never. But if they would have asked, I’d have given it back no problem. So if that is my informal agreement with myself, why not make it formal?

So here it is again: If you are not satisfied with what I offer, I’ll give you your money back.

To be honest, if I were planning a meeting or convention, knowing that I could re-coup a lousy speaker’s fee would be the least of my worries. (Let’s face it, if you’re planning even a small meeting you have some huge investments OTHER than the speaker to make.)  If I were you, I’d be more worried about whether my speaker can deliver. I’m just saying that I’ll do both.

All I ask from you is that you set me up to succeed. If you follow my advice about timing, production (audio-visual stuff and the like) and if you promote me fairly and accurately to your group, I’ll do a great job. Guaranteed. If you don’t agree, you won’t pay.

How to Void the Warranty5 steps to sabotaging your investment with Brad

  • Fail to have the proper audio visual equipment set up & tested.  Brad has some specific AV needs that help set him apart from other speakers.  They are not complex or expensive.  But they are important.  Fail to have the right gear tested and Brad is sure to flop.  (He won’t flop, but you’ll get a lot less than you paid for.)
  • Schedule the event poorly… And put Brad on in the wrong time.   (eg:  Serve  a heavy lunch, then have three of your top guys hit the stage with WAY too many PowerPoint slides and bore the audience to tears.  Have them go on too long.  Wait until they audience needs to use the bathroom REALLY bad, but instead of having a break and some caffeine, send up Brad.  It’s a guaranteed…. Flop!)
  • Introduce Brad poorly.  Don’t read his introduction.  Or interrupt it with your own comments.
  • Ask Brad to speak about something he isn’t comfortable speaking about.  (Don’t worry… He’s great at telling you which topics are good — and bad.)
  • Mislead  — or fail to inform — the audience about what to expect.  Brad is a fun, extraordinary and funny speaker.  If your group is expecting something else, you can count on a flop.

The ONLY times where I haven’t done well is where no speaker would have done well. For example,when the audience is not prepared, they are mislead about what to expect, they are exhausted, they cannot hear or see properly, they are drunk, etc.

I’m still proud of what I’ve accomplished in these less-than-perfect situations, but the overall audience reaction is was never as good as it should have been had the setting been different. But it wasn’t my fault…. it was just a lousy set-up that could have been prevented. In other words, don’t bill me as a Management Expert, (I’m not), don’t put me right after the golf awards and the service awards at 10 PM after a four-hour open bar, don’t put me outside on the beach, don’t fail to get adequate sound equipment, or layoff 20% of your organization moments before I go on. (Yes, they have all happened.)

In return, I’ll provide a relevant, entertaining and motivating program for your group. Guaranteed. I’ll be honest with you about what I can and cannot do. If I cannot meet your needs I promise to tell you before you book me. And if I feel that there are “red flags” that hint to me that the outcome might be diminished, I’ll let you know.

In exchange, I’ll…
• Expect that you set me up for success. (I’ll help you know how, and it is surprisingly simple.)
• Do a great job. Guaranteed.


Looking for a guaranteed speaker for your meeting or convention?

Contact me here and let’s get the conversation started.

Signed Brad Montgomery




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