Are leaders born or made?

That is one of the most talked about matters in the corporate world. Many have raised the question, but only a few have answered it the right way. Some people confidently answered that leaders are born, and that there are individuals meant to lead and who have the natural capacity to take up bigger responsibilities.

Indeed, there are a select few who are born for this. But in a more practical sense, leaders are made, honed, and developed through time and experience – and there is a single powerful way to grow as one.Leadership

The only way for you to become a leader is to have self-awareness. Wielding this powerful weapon is enough to make, hone, and develop your competency. Self-awareness means knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and the impact you have on other people.

Simply possessing self-awareness is not enough, though. You still have to work on it. Improve your skills through these three simple ways:

Foster Fair Mindedness

Objectivity is essential in leadership. This applies not only when managing issues between employees, but also in how you present yourself. Be transparent, accurate, and neutral with your reports. The more you are emotionally invested in business matters, the more your decisions become clouded.

Seek All Kinds of Reaction

The only people who can be fully aware of your performance are the ones you work with. Whether the feedbacks are positive or negative, you must learn to accept them. This is a good way to determine how you fare at managing the company and every employee.

Listen to What Others Say

Asking for feedback is just the initial step. You should be willing to listen and consider what others have to say. Listening is a vital foundation of becoming a competent, effective, and successful leader. To listen is to learn. Hearing those feedbacks gives you an idea how things work.

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