Greek God Humor? | Brad Montgomery

If my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Reinhoff, was right, it looks to me that the Almighty Zeus was pissed off.

The Real Caption:

Stormy Acropolis : The ancient Greek Parthenon temple, atop the Acropolis hill overlooking Athens, is framed by lightning bolts during a thunderstorm that broke out in the Greek capital.

Write Your Caption (in the comments below)

What’s my point? Humor is everywhere. (Even in Greece.) Sometimes it’s just in your mind. Make it a habit to constantly search for stuff that tickles your funny bone, and you’ll live a better, happier, more humor-filled life. One technique you can use everyday? Think up alternate captions for interesting photos. They don’t have to be funny… (The Gods know mine wasn’t!) but just doing it helps you flex your humor muscle.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Comedian, Humorist, Greek God Wanna Be

PS. Now I gotta go write an apology to the King of the Gods.

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