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This is a cool article about the growth of magician/performer skills. This guy is right on! You could change the word “magician” to speaker and it would be just as true.
Look at this excerpt:

Glenn Bishop “Bish The Magish”: Magic’s Problems?
Being BAD is not a problem because you only get good by being BAD FIRST! And when you are bad you stick with it you will become good if you are bad often enough by doing lots and lots of shows. Magic is like sports in a way that you have to get in there and do it. You can’t be a basketball star by the study of basketball. Or training to be a basketball player. You only become a basketball player by PLAYING THE GAME. And playing the game is the only way that you could become the best player or M.V.P. And to get that you would need to play a lot of games but to do that you have to start by being bad.

Do you think he is right?

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