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What’s My Speaker Job Really Like?

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I recently put together this video about a more or less typical trip for my job as a motivational speaker.  When I meet people at cocktail parties and they learn about my job  they are always surprised about what my job really looks like versus what they imagine my job might look like.

Here, in no particular order,  Are some random factoids about being a motivational speaker.

  •   Any given program is only 30 minutes to three hours. So it might look like from the outside I’m not working much at all. But  traveling takes at least a couple of days off the calendar plus prep time. But in fact the way I look at it is that it took me about 25 years to understand how to do that one hour of work on stage. In other words, being a motivational speaker is not an hourly job.
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More Random Motivational Speaker Factoids

  • The process for any given client includes one or more calls trying to nail down the messaging and the approach with that particular audience. It starts marinating in my head a couple or three weeks before the event. It usually one or two days before the event that I nailed down the specific outline and plan. On the plane this is normally what I’m working on.
  • My training was as an entertainer but my current job as a speaker is really different for many important reasons.  Entertainers generally speaking played audiences who know what to expect. The audience and paid for tickets, is excited and ready to laugh, and is there by choice.
  • By contrast my audiences have no idea who I am or what I am all about. Whoever planned the meeting or convention thought I would be a good fit for them. There is absolutely no buy-in or interest in their part in me or what I’m doing.   I start with an audience who is suspicious and interesting. It’s my job to earn them.
  • Success for me often looks very different than it might for an entertainer or a comedian. I’m looking for changes in body language, looking for phones still in pockets, as well as comments after the event.  Even the funniest person on the planet placed in the middle of the day and a very dry business meeting  struggles to get the audience rolling and rocking. Add to it the fact that the audience rarely knows what to expect… Even that it might be lighthearted… Assures that my audience reaction will be less then a comedy club.

In the end I love my job. Sometimes I confessed to being jealous of comedians with enthusiastic crowds buzzing with anticipation. But I also confess that it’s very rewarding to take an audience who is predisposed to hate me and my topic turn around and embrace it all.

My job unique. My job is crazy. My job is hard. My job is fun.

How do you strive to make better connections with people? Share your comments below. Visit bradmontgomery.com to find out more about booking Brad as a motivational speaker. 

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Brad Montgomery is a professional  speaker who has spoken to groups throughout the country for over 30 years.  In his current program, Embrace Your Awesomeness, Brad inspires and teaches audiences to celebrate small victories and shares strategies that help audiences find the path to lasting behavior change. Brad presents business keynotes to corporate and association audiences of all sizes. In addition to keynotes and leadership breakouts, Brad also offers few dozen other cool interactive performances. Give us a call to find out how Brad can best serve your group.

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