Craft Gone Wrong!!!

My wife and a pal of hers are Girl Scout troop leaders for some very cute Brownies, including our six year old.

Recently, we had a magic “unit” (do they give patches for that?) where I got to work with the troop and do some magic. After learning (and seeing) what real magicians can do, my daughter showed some magic tricks she and I had been working on, proving that kids can be magicians too. (Can you say, “Proud Papa?!”)girl scout magic trick

But then we taught them a magic trick I learned from a book years ago called the Mystic Finger. Basically, when the “magician” opens a jewelry sized box a life-like “mystic finger” is revealed. If you like, you can paint fake blood on with a Magic Marker. “Look Mom! It’s bloody!”

The afternoon was a gas. It was fun to see these sweet little girls turning themselves into a cross between magicians and gross-out-artists. And I was lucky to be part of all of that positive and fun energy.

girl scout magic trick with fingerWhat’s my point? Part of the reason I had so much fun is that (although it was under the guise of “teaching” them how to become Colorado magicians) what we were REALLY doing was playing.

And I had a ball. I found myself being silly. I found myself smiling and laughing. Basically, by playing with the Girl Scouts I went from being a serious grump to a pretty fun-filled guy? (I had a tough day at work that day.) So…. do you need a lift? Do YOU think you could benefit from more smiles and laughter? Of course you could.

If you want to have more fun, you have two choices:
1. Cut off your finger. Or…
2. Play. Just play.

(The second on is less messy, and won’t affect your health insurance. I’d go with that.)

Thanks Brownies! It was a hoot!

Need a magician speaker or Colorado based magician for your event? If you can’t book the brownies and their Mystic Fingers, I hope you’ll consider booking me.

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