It’s Electric! It’s Kinetic! It’s Frenetic!

What energizes your group, lifts up the mood, galvanizes action? A FLASH MOB!

What is an The?NAHU Flash Mob 2013-03-25 at 2.38.38 PM
• A Spectacle
• An out of your chair, interactive, team-building phenomena
• A fun, easy-to-learn dance designed to surprise and energize, and teach your group

How does it Work?
• A ruse gets your leadership team out of the room for 5 minutes
• Brad teaches the rest a uber -simple dance they’ll surprise themselves with.
• Your group SURPRISES your leadership team with the impromptu FLASH MOB!

But We don’t have Enough Time!
• Yeah you do. Brad has done this a lot. He’s got it down.
• Brad has a system to get this thing done in just a few minutes.

But what do we get out of having a Flash Mob?
•Watch your people start smiling and laughing.
•Watch them grab their phones and start taking photos or videos.
•Watch them text their friends and say, “You won’t believe what we’re doing!”
•Takes your meeting from dull and routine to Exciting and Spectacular!
• They learn by experience … not lecture.

Are there any Long-Term Outcomes? Of course!
• Increased Trusthire a flash mob
• Increased Teamwork
• Increased Connection

How does this Connect to Laugh-O-Nomics, Brad’s laugh-filled program designed to Connect Happiness at Work to Your Bottom Line?
• People learn better when they are excited and enthused.
• Models Lighthearted Behavior in a Safe and Trusting environment
• Demonstrates the Power of Laughter
• Teaches the Values of Fun and Fun-living (and happiness at work.)

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “No way. Not my group. NAHU Flash Mob 2013-03-25 at 2.38.38 PMWe are too serious, stuffy, & introverted to do this thing. Dance? Not us!” But you’re wrong. Brad has had groups as diverse as the “good ol’ boys” at John Deere, to some a finance group in Ohio to a bunch of insurance salesmen to a smallish leadership team at Country Kitchen Restaurants up, moving, laughing, and enjoying the spectacal. If they did it, you can bet Brad will have your group doing it.

Part of the joy is the surprise…not only of the “victims” but the surprise the entire audience enjoys when they realize what THEY just did. It’s amazing. It’s meaningful. It’s powerful. It’s 100% Brad.

Brad’s Main Flash Mob Info Page

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Flash Mob Leader, Meeting Energizer

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