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I recently saw funny Georgia Speaker Roger Reese present a program on marketing for speakers.

He made a zillion great points, but one of my favorites was that if we are selling apples, we need to offer the very best apple. Period.

What mistake many marketers, including speaker (including me!), we market to apple buyers by saying something like, “I’m an orange… and oranges are WAY better then apples.”

It’s hard enough to sell apples to apple buyers. It is way harder to sell oranges to apple buyers.

Speakers, for example, need to make sure that we are offering exactly what the buyers are looking for. If, for example in an internet search, buyers are searching for a “funny motivational speaker” and then find a website that says, “Change Management Speaker” they will click the BACK button faster than you can say, “no sale.”

The point? Make sure you are marketing the right product to the right people?. Sell your oranges to orange buyers and you’ll have a way easier time.

Roger! What a great presentation. What a great speech!

Thanks, my friend. It was great to learn from you.

Learn more about the apples and oranges that I sell here. (No, I don’t sell fruit! I’m a funny motivational speaker.)

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Marketer, Fan of Roger Reese

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