Gender Identity Expert and Speaker Jess Pettitt

Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Speaker & Gender Non-Conformity Expert

Jess Pettitt is wicked smart. She is also warm and caring. Mix that with the fact that she is a diversity speaker, teacher and explainer and you get a fantastic podcast guest!

Speaker Jess Pettitt Decodes Gender Identity.

Jess lets me ask awkward questions around language, explains what the T in LGTBQIA+ means, and generally helps me (and you!) to better understand how to better understand our brothers and sisters.

I learned so many things about what not to do.  Don’t ask what is in anybody’s pants.  “You can’t ask about peoples junk,” says Jess.  Don’t ask about anybodies sex life unless invited. And ask every person you meet how to best refer to them.

But most of all, Jess taught us what we should do:  Care.  Love.  Be empathic.  And understand that this language that feels new to us isn’t new to most of the people we are talking to.

As difficult it is for me as a straight white man to understand all of this stuff that feels new, it’s thousands of times worse and more complicated for people who who are gender non-conforming.  So come with love.  And open-mindedness.  And generosity. Come with Grace.

Thanks Jess. You made me laugh.  You taught me.  You made me feel good inside. And hopefully I’ll be a tiny bit better person because of your generosity.


Gender Identity Expert and Speaker Jess Pettitt
Gender Identity Expert and Speaker Jess Pettitt

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