Ok, I admit it. I hate the tacky Christmas letters. They go on and on about fabulous vacations, wonderful kids, amazing jobs, new houses… blah blah, barf barf.

I wrote up this mock / spoof Christmas letter to send out with our cards. I never sent it… even I thought it was too dark. But it seemed like a good enough comment on those horrible letters and I thought you might like it.  I think it’s funny… what do you think?

Holiday Update, 2006

Well, we made it through another year. It hasn’t been bad… certainly not wonderful. Here are some highlights:

We are married, still, but just barely. (Thank God for the guest room.) If it wasn’t for that #@!%^&# verdict, and Brad’s parole officer’s — BITCH! — “strong advice” that he not set off alone again, he’d be in Vegas. We see each other as often as necessary, but when you put your mind to it, it doesn’t have to be that much. Kim is at the dogtrack most days, and Brad spends days at a local bar with some of his friends from the “inside.” The kids do surprisingly well as ‘latchkey’ children.

Kim’s job is… well… a job. What the heck do you want? Paradise? She hates it still, but who wouldn’t? She’d quit, but then who’d pay for necessities like cable and the Budweiser? And the nightshift helps with the marital strife.

Brad is “between jobs” again. (Kim says: I think he oughta call a spade a spade and call himself a lazy, good-for-nothin’ piece of …. But if he wants to go with “between opportunities” I guess it’s no skin off my back.)

We tried a couple of vacations, neither of which turned out any good. We tried to go to the Holidome and Jumbo Pool Slide a couple of hundred miles from here. But after about 18 hours of fighting we just called it off, came home and rented some movies.

Then off to see Kim’s family in $#%@$$-ing Kansas. If we didn’t already feel bad enough about ourselves, Kim’s folks pretty much finished the job. Without our knowledge, the kid’s spent the whole time there in a “adult novelty and Chicago-style-pizza” shop her loser brother runs, and no have a vocabulary you wouldn’t believe. If we weren’t so buzzed on her Dad’s homebrew we would have been really ticked off. And her mom gave us all food poisoning, which at least one of us thinks was done on purpose. At least we “got away.”

Kids are doing ok, I guess. They are still in school, which sorta makes us both proud. Hey! Not everybody is gonna be at the top of the class. Having kids, as you may know, is no picnic. All I can say is that if I have to take another funny-nosed-whining-never-say-thank-you kid to another friggin’ soccer game I’m gonna put a fork in my eye.

School is bull #[email protected]&. Thanks to the principal’s new %#$%@ Health and Fitness campaign, our oldest came home harping on our quitting our Marlboro “habit.” Habit? Heck… those little fire sticks give us joy in a world dead set against it. We’ve paid taxes for years — or at least since we were caught — and I’d ask that ^%$#@$ principal to stop brainwashing our kids against us, thank you very much. Health and fitness in school? Next thing you know they’ll be teaching them socialism and history and crap.

Seriously, we are doing well. Surprisingly well. We’re happily married… except when Brad leaves the seat up. Everybody is healthy and content. Kim is working more on writing and less in the law. Brad is still a speaker/magician/comedian. The kids, aged 5, 8 and 10 are healthy and are still cute. We don’t hate soccer (that much).

And we all enjoy having friends like you.

Yours, Kim and Brad Montgomery

What do you think? Should I send it?

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorist, Fan of Humor in Christmas Letters

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6 replies
  1. Colleen
    Colleen says:

    Personally, I thought is was hysterical. I can’t see sending it to Great Aunt Agatha, though. Especially if she has a weak heart. ;)

    ALICE EATON says:


  3. Rebeca
    Rebeca says:

    Do send it.
    I just received one of those Christmas newsletters, on my email! My major reason to object to them is that those who send them don’t seem to think (or care) that maybe someone in their list hasn’t had such a great year. Maybe someone was laid off, or someone was diagnosed with a terrible illness, or the marriage is on the rocks? And the thing is, most people going through a hard time do not “broadcast” it, so chances are, there will be someone in that list who is, in fact, living a bad moment. To send a Christmas newsletter to someone who might be experiencing sad circumstances is evil. Period.

  4. Kelly Feltzer
    Kelly Feltzer says:

    I so agree with Rebecca. If these letters or the purpose of Christmas cards in general are to wish people well, then do that. I don’t see how bragging and telling everyone that little Johnny got straight A’s, is the MVP on his football team, class president ect. ect. ( you get the point) is wishing anyone well. If you truely want to wish someone well and wish them a Merry Christmas, why not ask about their lives, how they have been, how their kids are, and be a true freind, one that is willing to hear the good the bad and the ugly for the sake of truely caring about some one. I think most relationships now days are based on a bunch a surface crap. Heaven forbid we let people in and REALLY know what is going on. Shame on us.

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