I got this spam email which made me laugh out loud.

I was looking at websites under the keyword Women doctor montgomery and came across your site I see that you’re ranked #5 on page 17 in google.

I won’t honor the idiots with a link, but darn!  That’s funny!  Golly, if they can’t find me by Googling “women doctor Montgomery” I am surely a failure at the internet thing.  

In related news, I’m ranked #77 on page 6576 in Google if you search “elves montgomery beard shoes”

Looking for a motivational speaker and don’t care that my site ranks poorly for “woman doctor?”  I’d love to be your guy.  Let’s make your event rock.  Contact me here.


Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Lover of Funny Spam Email, Woman Doctor*


*Not really a woman doctor.    (I’m not a doctor.**)

**  Ok, you got me.  I’m not a woman either.

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