MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER Brad Montgomery Interviews Funny Karen Eddington

Funny motivational speaker Karen Eddington was my guest for today’s podcast. I’ve known Karen for a long time. We met attending a conference of the national speakers Association.

I was struck then that this woman just seem to have a special something. But now one and a half decades later I’m convinced Karyn is lightning in a bottle.

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Karen Eddington A FUNNY SPEAKER

We talked about too many things to list here… The recording is good… Listen to it! But here are a few highlights;

Both of us talked about being in front of audiences after the first Covid lockdown. We went on for sometime but suffice it to say that we both miss live audiences terribly. Karen and I have both transferred our businesses to online. We are both very proud of our virtual keynote speeches as motivational speakers. But there’s just something about being in front of an audience in a room where you can hear and see everything that is special.

Karyn also told a hilarious story about how, in front of a very conservative audience, she managed to put two volunteer helpers in an extremely awkward and suggestive position. Listen to the video. I promise she is funny. I promise you will laugh.

We talked about her business, The Under Pressure Project, and we had a really interesting conversation about what it’s like to be a woman motivational speaker. Spoiler:  

she can easily reach her microphone pack. I never thought about that.

We talked about an AMAZING project where her daughter creates and sells shoes to create hope, bravery and joy.  

But my favorite part of the talk was when we talked about failure. 20 years ago Karen went through a big failure with her business. She talked openly about how difficult that was, but has fueled her life and her business with the wisdom gained from that difficult experience.

I’m going to let you listen to the video to hear it in Karyn’s words, but basically she was talking about how if we are able to except failure as a learning opportunity, it’s still difficult but it is not worthless.  And if we can somehow coach our audiences — and our families — distress less over failure all of us will thrive even more.

Karen Eddington is a very talented woman. She’s a talented comedian, a gifted storyteller, and amazing motivational speaker. But what I think I like best… And I suspect her audiences like best… It’s just an aesthetic and kind person. I felt like I spent an hour with somebody who made me want to be better.

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