Silly String

Why Silly String?

stringWhy Silly String? Because it is Funny! It is impossible to be stressed out about a broken fax machine, a backlog of emails and difficult customers when you are playing with Silly String! Dare to Be a Dork! Use Silly String and the magic of life appears right before your very eyes. Life is Fun & Funny. And Filled with Magic. Make sure your life is filled with Silly String!

Brad’s Top Ten Silly String Ideas
Sit in your office cubical and start the whole, LOUD, “Ahh, aaaah, ahhh” bit. Then, as you shout, “Chooooo!” spray it over the cubicle and gross out your office mates.

Punch a tiny hole in a paper towel or tissue, and then hide the can under the tissue with the nozzle peeking through the tissue. Put this whole set up on your table or desk. Now act like you have to sneeze. Wrinkle your face, blink your eyes act it up!

With a prolonged, “Ah, Aaaah, Ahhh.” Grab the can/tissue combo and hold it up to your mouth. Then shout, “CHOOOO!” as you spray silly sting. Trust me; this gross little number is big-time funny.

stringUse silly string to make a soda can explode: Shake up a can of soda w/ your left hand. Have the Silly String in your right hand at your side. (Nobody will notice it as they are watching your left hand shake like mad.)

Bring your hands together. Now pretend to pop the top on the can but don’t do it. Instead, make a, “Pfffft” sound with your mouth and then spray the silly string all over your friends. It’ll take ’em a moment to realize they’ve been had. Again: Big Time Funny!

This same gag is often even funnier with liquids that are the same color and consistency of the String. Try shaking those little bottles of hotel/motel hand lotion or shampoo, and then having them “explode” all over your friends.

It is also funny in the kitchen. Take any can of food out of your panty. Wonder aloud, “I wonder if this has gone bad?” Then shake it and make it “explode” and watch your family freak out!

I love using Silly String with my kids. Here are a couple of ideas about using the String with Children:
Go up to a baby who is in a car-carrier – ya know, one of those plastic things with the handles that folks use to carry their new born kids around.They have covers on them, so you can twist it around so that when you reach into where the kid is nobody actually sees your hands.(Note: this joke is way funnier if it is a kid who’s parents you know well. Strangers don’t think this kind of thing is funny at all.) Grab your can of String and quickly reach in the carrier to “pat” the kid. Say, “Oh, I see Junior has something coming out of his nose. Oooh.Eeee!” You guessed it: once you start with the, “Oooh!” you spray the String straight UP out of the carrier and over your shoulder. Of course you want to be careful not to spray the baby, but this is much easier than it sounds.

This gets a great laugh from the grandparents.

I do a similar gag with my 6 yr old. While she is facing my victim, I tell her that she has something coming out of her nose. I hold up a tissue to her nose – a tissue that has a can of String hidden beneath it. (And of course the nozzle is poking through a tiny hole as before.)

As I say, “Ok, blow into the tissue honey. Hard now,” you guessed it. I spray the String back over my shoulder and towards the victim. My daughter and I know this is hilarious. Try it and you’ll find out too!

Try the same gag with your pet. String coming out of dogs, cats, guinea pigs and even fish tanks rocks! “Oh, Rover, you’ve got something coming out of your nose ooh , yuck, oooh!” String has never been so funny.

String can be funny when it comes out of a bag or other container . Have the can in your purse, your briefcase, your shopping bag, your back pack, etc. Just reach in, say something like, “Oh heavens this is gross Oooh No! Not that…” and then spray it up and out of the container and over your shoulder.