Coffee Cup MAGNET On Car Gag

This high-power magnet is your ticket to laughter and fun. While you drive. Just drop this

Coffee On Car Gag

baby in an empty coffee cup -Starbucks cardboard cups work well (leave the lid off) – put it on the roof of your car and drive around town. How you handle all of the helpful folks who wanna help you save your $3.50 mocha java is up to you, but you are guaranteed to keep you mind off the lousy traffic or how you’re late when you have one of these one the roof.

A couple of my favorite things to say to folks who point the cup to me include:
”Thanks! I’m cooling it off!”
”I know! I don’t really like coffee.”
“I’m trying to cut down on caffeine.”

But I gotta admit, I usually just wave back and act clueless. (This isn’t hard for me… I’ve had years of practice.

More Ideas

Here are a couple more ideas that can make it different:

  • When you have a passenger in the car, don’t tell them about your cup. (Sneak the cup on the car just before you get in.) You’ll get a charge out of your passenger’s reaction to all of the attention. (“Why is everybody waving to us, Brad?”)
  • This one usually costs you the magnet, but it is worth it: Sneak the cup onto a friend’s or spouse’s car before they leave. Just come up to say goodbye, rest your “cup” on the roof, and leave with out it. They never notice… trust me on this. Then when THEY get all of the attention – and eventually discover the cup – they’ll know you love ’em!
  • Use your imagination and “stick” other stuff to your car: Fast Food Bags (empty, you silly!), pizza boxes, etc.

You get the idea… Go wild!

Warning: A couple of tips about the magnet itself- This baby is one SERIOUS magnet. It is the strongest one I’ve ever found. BE CAREFUL. Don’t mess with it. You can get hurt. It can pinch your skin faster than you can say, “Oh gosh that darned thing hurts!” Don’t let kids play with it. (My kid’s aren’t allowed near it.) This thing will zap your credit cards from a LONG distance; be careful. Keep it away from all electronics, your watch, etc. oI keep my magnet stuck to the ceiling of my car… it is safe there, out of the way, small enough that nobody notices it, and handy for my next coffee trip.
Speed: I’ve had the cup up on the car at speeds of 55 MPH. But to be safe, stay down in the 45 MPH range or slower. I do. Don’t chance losing it on the highway… you’ll end up hurting something… or worse… losing this precious magnet. : )

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