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Poseidon undersea resort – the world’s first true undersea resort

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Poseidon undersea resorts are for those who have dreamt of visiting their imagination’s wildest destinations; traveling to the moon, reaching the summit of the most forbidden peaks or exploring the mysteries of the ocean depths. The first Poseidon Undersea Resort is scheduled to open in the Bahamas in December of 2006 and is currently in final design stages. Some features of the resort include: a revolving restaurant, Poseidon’s Lair, a two bedroom private undersea bungalow cantilvered off the wall at 1000 feet in depth and only accessible by a private deep submersible, reception area, cafe, swimming pool, luxury spa and hydrotherapy center, gift shop and tennis courts. Room room rates for a standard 550 square foot undersea suite will be around $1500 per night. This unique, intimate and exclusive, five-star destination will provide the highest possible levels of luxury and service.

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