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John Sileo helps us interpret understand security and fraud.

Life Tips from One Very Secure Dude

On my podcast/Facebook Live platform the other day, I was privileged enough to interview my friend and business colleague, John Sileo. John and I have known each other since we were young pups in the motivational speaking business—we met through the Colorado Chapter of the National Speakers Association. He is a security and fraud expert, focussing on identity theft and corporate internet security. He is a Hall of Fame speaker (CPAE), he speaks to businesses all over the world, he’s a serial entrepreneur, conducts leadership retreats and trainings, and is an all-around great guy.

The thing with John is that I’m totally jealous of him—he has this important topic for the corporate world which is really relevant right now, he is super smart, thoughtful and always knows the right thing to say. He’s personable, charming, good-looking, all of those things you hate other people for, except …. he’s super nice too, so I can’t hate him. You know how it goes. And he’s my friend. So I’m grateful.

Anyway, John’s identity theft story is tough for him. A co-worker stole his identity by applying for numerous credit cards in his name, and went out and charged up lots and lots of stuff. John was pursued by creditors, banks, collection agencies, almost went to jail, and lost tons of money and time. So, how does he stay upbeat when as part of his job he has to speak about a very traumatic, upsetting time during his life?

John acknowledges that it’s hard. He stays upbeat by surrounding himself with upbeat, positive people. (Like me!!) And when he talks to groups, he focuses on the small wins, the wins that help others. He provides information that keeps people safe. That makes him feel good. He knows that he helps people by repeating his story—and if he can help people by doing that, it is worth it to him to share regardless that it’s a downer to
repeat. And that’s something to admire about him. Caring for others is second-nature to him.

Another thing I admire about John is that he’s a serial risk-taker. To become a successful speaker you have to be able to take risks. Motivational speakers and trainers and keynoters own their own businesses. They market their own product—their story. Developing a business around yourself and your story is all about your tolerance for risk, as well as testament to your confidence in being successful. And John is successful. He first became an entrepreneur in HS and college. And he counts his dad, also an entrepreneur, as contributing so much to his success. John believes that success breeds success, and his father is his primary inspiration.

My focus in my motivational programs is about social and emotional support. How does social and emotional support from others translate to success in your personal life and your professional life. So John and I talked about one of the finest examples of social support: the compliment. Now there’s the insincere, flattering kind of compliments—wow you look great, you’re awesome, you’re the best. But then there are those compliments that are genuine, that come from the heart. So my question to John was: does a compliment have to be genuine or is the only thing that matters is whether the recipient of that compliment believes that it is genuine. Now, I’m not advocating people run around telling lies to people. I’m talking about how best to motivate others. And some times we exaggerate to make a point.

And that’s where we landed. John said, and I agreed, that there are so many shades of gray when you are trying to build people up. The situation, the person, and the context is important. One of those shades of gray is that John and I are now mature speaking professionals with a fair amount of experience. And with experience often comes gravitas, heft, credibility. A compliment from an “elder” in your field often means so much more to a person than one from someone else. These types of compliments can be used strategically to build up others, to get better performance from your employees or co-workers, or to bring a relationship to the next level. Both John and I agree that being a mentor to new speakers is one of the best things about “maturing.” And it’s fun.

Here’s a tip from a security expert: Always update your smartphone with the latest operating system. Today, most of these updates are about security; so if you update, your privacy is more secure. However, with the iPhone the default privacy settings need a little nudge from you. Go to Settings, then Privacy, and turn off tracking. Facebook likes to track you. Amazon likes to track you. So does Google. Turning off tracking will impact these giant tech companies’ ability to send targeted ads to you, and preserve a measure of your privacy. And that is good.

So you heard it here first: Security matters. Compliments matter. Staying positive matters. Listen to John talk first-hand about why. Thanks for reading.

Fraud & Security Keynote Speaker John Sileo
Fraud & Security Keynote Speaker John Sileo
Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery is also a Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker.  Although Brad is based in Denver, Colorado, he speaks to audiences far and wide.

Clients ask him to teach People Skills with hard business results.  This means he speaks to leaders who want to connect better, build better teams and relationships, and build bottom line results.

Here is the (pretty sketchy!) transcript by

This is Brad montgomery welcome to the ‘ sixty s full interesting and awesome podcast where i interview people who are wait for it.
Successful interesting awesome.

[0:16] What’s up everybody i’ve missed you hello it’s me a good day for me.
I’m interviewing every smart person who sings let’s do that it’s a good day for u2 because this guy,
has a really interesting brain he knows a lot about building a business about amnesia about screwed up a business news about entrepreneurship news about how to take short cuts in order to do things faster the normal,
a list a little bit about security infrared i have on a photo of us.
John sullivan redford how you doing.
I know it’s it’s so cool what a fun fun interview compared to a lot of the technical stuff that i do yeah let’s.
Let me ask you what you do on instead of lido it can you give us the elevator speech.
Is a test this is a test elevator speech elevator speech headlines every day about,
government’s being hacked in businesses being hacked in your iphone being hacked i’m the one that helps stop that i am.

[1:34] Teach companies teach people how to stop the loss of your data weather three year alexa you’re siri from warrior database.
I need to know the reason i’m with you everybody knows speaking business,
hey you a little bit because we take one person and example.
Is coming by the people hate me now working forever in this very very hard business and then you come in with this fantastic topic on and then you apply to it you’re really crazy business acumen and.
Business is on fire is so of course is not for everyone hate you because you’re so tropical.
I hate you cause the front page of the paper says higher ground kill you.
I’m glad to be hated than there a lot of headlines that does that keep the phone ringing and the emails coming in,
yes i’m i’m grateful i’m incredible you know what
i’m personally grateful because it means that bad stuff is happening to people and that sometimes gets difficult always hearing that part of it.

[2:52] Yeah lets talk about that business,
end part of your business disto tell your personal story which is a sad story this is when you’re hot you’re hot so and it was expensive and dramatic and horrifying and scary and nothing fun about that story,
so here you are in this very positive thing building a business to support several people you’re in it kind of negative.

[3:21] You’re dealing with negative story like our pierce who are talk about their survive surviving cancer or drama or sexual abuse,
tell me people when people come into attack you hear what you do.
Turn on kids give me a hug can you talk about that well i’m.
Right like straight honestly i’m friends with people like you like it,
i have to surround myself with all kinds of goodness to you know kind of balance out the fact that i’m in the midst of it all and company’s being destroyed and live is being destroyed all day long,
the balance of my life is you know hanging out with people who are smart and humorous and you know like a fellow speakers and,
can i doing some other stuff leading retreats in doing more business oriented stuff which which i just dearly love,
right so how much of an issue is burnout with a chocolate years and would it be different if you had a different topic.

[4:27] I’m asking if you were talking about butterflies and bumblebees might be,
are you and i mean we have for fifteen years we have,
hurry back and fourth on this that i’m lucky to have a topic that kind of is constantly relevant totally new cells at work to some degree and your,
you’re lucky because you got something that really helps people leave the happier.
Better lives in nb ridaz so to answer the question is burnout i worked really hard to find the positive in all of this is not just live constantly in the furr of it,
because there are answers i mean that’s one of the good things is,
you can take steps with your phone you know just i’m there speaking on the individual not the corporal level but you can take steps that make a total difference in how you protect yourself and never have to,
go through what i went through getting people the defected tests whole different all different things what is that because i’m guessing.
A doctor who gives good advice knowing the advice is not gonna be followed,
probably has a little bit of their soul eyes each time with a bakers sing this year’s trouble you know they might not do it.

[5:57] Yeah i know the companies don’t do it because they come back to me afterwards for farmer expensive engagements of how to recover from it which is weightless fun way more expensive franklin canada hardest.
What are the hardest things of all is is the the most minor which is got all kinds of friends who ask for advice on this i mean like personal friends close friends colleague speakers,
add them ask for advice and then they don’t do it,
and then when it happens today i spend my weekend with them walking and through,
it’s gonna depressing people won’t proactively prevent the heart attack but once they have it they want surgery right away,
i don’t know what you’re talking about that example i don’t know you problem advice.
Need to lockdown my credit call up the credit reporting agencies freeze my credit and we did that thank you very much.
Hopefully bad guys a hundred bucks you know that such a pain that when you need the credit alligator like.

[7:15] Yeah we say it’s a pain part of that in excuse because it takes about forty five seconds to unfreeze it.
I’m so you’re drive ten minutes to go to the starbucks of your choice but you wont take forty five seconds to unfreeze it,
most evidence truly we think its super hard but in reality it’s it’s truly not that hard changing a setting on your iphone again you can do it you can’t change that setting that will talk about in a minute,
that’s still people find really good excuses do not do it and it’s a human nature thing i mean i’m not blaming the individuals i do the same thing another areas it’s just it makes for a frustrating,
you know you can you can leave what’s the if you can leave up.
Cancel to water but it’s some some large for legarda animal i don’t remember what is the mountain goats.
That’s that’s not it i don’t want you back i want to ask you a question.

[8:17] What how do you from your perspective optimism and you know all of the goodness that you bring the companies.
How do you suggest a people deal with it because you’re the early expert in this i mean ideal difficult stuff all day long what,
what do i do yeah two words for you you’re screwed.
That’s not true.
What is so interesting because january speaking when i’m talking to an an audience of people that are dealing with something difficult their going to astronomical james like for example pandemics whatever,
that’s a short term thing they think once i get over this hump of this bad thing then,
things will get easier or better or more profitable or more good someone that doesn’t answer people in business like years.

[9:15] Can i build a negative story even if i said that john adams example i just talk to on this show.
Palliative care exporting works in a huge hospital that were not allowed to name but rhymes with the shinee people.

[9:34] Message palliative care deals with people who are very very and she just talked about the joy it brings to bring peace to people.
Finding those microphone wants a positivity feature all day long i know if there any of your business,
yeah definitely i mean so most of the reward of me doing my job is a company that doesn’t get hit or an individual who doesn’t have their identity stolen or their privacy violated,
end i do have moments kind of both of external reinforcement people say,
hey listen you know what happened to us the million and a half dollars we lost because of this did not happen,
yeah this year or this quarter whatever that’s,
really positive and even more so i know behind the scenes attack evening so when a parent set up you know help teach their child how to set up facebook or smartphone,
kid isn’t stopped because of it or isn’t in a violated in somewhere i know those things are happening if they have taken steps and that that,
provide great reward have to say i think we’re i don’t answer it.

[10:56] Yes i think so many people in negative business is there some sort of lost boyz cops.
People who are not.

[11:10] Turn on role model citizens looking for those moments individual interactions make a difference,
yes i agree and and actually bryan o’malley who is in a friend of ours in a fellow speaker and you know has been,
yeah fireman and a policemen in a swat and climb everest and you know he’s kind of seen the hardest things like it makes it makes
cyber crime look soft franklin and dumb hit his perspective is and what allowed him to be a.
Kind of approach all of this with calmness is it just simply is what it is when he comes up and up on an accident it’s
it’s not something that he can change your take back you can do his party in it but it’s just how it is and that’s you know
end the digital world that is my roll which is you know data is lost it’s part of the the side effects of the digital experience,
any ideas what it is in were here to help with that right yes i’m not business.
I don’t know but it’s also suspected it takes effort could you mentioned well try to surround yourself with people who are not super negative i have a friend whose a coat.

[12:39] And his very very senegal.
Is always going to be seneca do you still feel like your fight you fight citizen because you dealing with negativity in the business world.

[12:54] Yeah no question i think i fight it because of,
what i see in the business world what i see in people’s personal lives because i’m the only person that they called when they see us things happened i wish i was print it out the the email i got this morning but,
i want men who has had her because she pissed off a neighbor had her entire business destroyed on social media,
utilizing network of people who do this for fun industry businesses and.
Has nothing any needs help so yeah that’s what i wake up to canada every morning is is that and it does change your perspective human nature because you’re getting all of the one that i’m not hearing from the person
in general who says
gosh distant happened to me today i didn’t have right right in on my kid wasn’t wasn’t stocked based on the photo that they put on instagram yesterday,
right i’m here but learn about the kid that was stopped in taken.
Does it make me send call yeah do i fight against it every day what made you have tips of restaurant speakers,
you are getting noises emails frequently and you are having people say some more happened ninety all the time when the rest of us.

[14:16] How do you translate that into advice.

[14:21] Simply takes me steps i mean do the things that most of us already know and just don’t don’t do and you you heard it before weather at you know,
the average person not turning on two factor authentication you know that that second form of password that you have on your bank in your email in gmail in your facebook and,
no most people don’t turn those on because they’re tiny bit inconvenient the don’t wanna wait for tomorrow app
that sounds like ninety percent of kloud hacking right there so.
Take those little steps you forget because i didn’t freeze my question very well what i meant to say is,
based on the fact able to leave a very positive successful life inspired effect your face with extreme negativity everyday,
how do you how do you turn it into advice for those about trying to live a life that’s filled with joy in.
We’re trying to be successful and it’s my life overwhelming and we don’t have those emails coming in saying my neighborhood me and sabotaged.

[15:28] Yes i’m not sure i have got a affixed answer to that i think i’m still in search of what what you do with that but.

[15:39] I guess part of it is i look at the reality of what i know what i could be doing do i love what,
every bit of the topic that i’m talking about no do i love the freedom and what it allows me in my life in independence it gives me into i love the entrepreneurs m of it i do and that’s what i take all,
really all my strength from i don’t know you have you ever red andrea gracie’s memory by u god autobiography.
Yes you’re so smart hi could you read it.

[16:18] Holding the other things too,
that andre rieu hated tennis he was raised.
From the hdmi like tiger woods tiny age of playing tennis and that’s why he was very good any hate it but he loves that provided.

[16:47] The ability for him to do other things in life mainly to start the schools with his wife stephie graph for underprivileged kids starting in las vegas new movie not words so it was a vehicle
life that he loved deeply and that’s definitely where i am this is a vehicle
add a topic that because i lost everything to it i lost you know kind of my life as well decibel crime,
it’s something that i can you lies for really good purposes in other ways.
Hold on and add to my to-do list tennis lessons obviously that’s the key right there first people,
let me see if i can take such a night to a little astrid s,
i didn’t understand you when your parents,
business into the ground kind of a joke kina self-deprecating.

[17:55] God help how much is the story one short version of gas questions.
What is giver juicy j we want to juice wrld i took over the family business computer business left the consulting world in san francisco and move back to denver to take it over.
Mute was struggling because big box stores have just come to town this was right at the turn of the millennium,
it was white oak we had programs failing people actually behind the scenes have all kinds of accounting programs failing cause i’ve been coded,
today years so i invented with a very close friend that point a best friend and date,
my rock climbing partner a business that i saw that for small businesses served up accounting over the internet that business partner used my,
identity to impossible from all of our clients face the criminal trial jail time all of that,
that’s what got me into the world of of cyber crime so did i destroy the business,
i want to talk on the business partner made me those choices so to some degree take responsibility but it was because it’s wrong.

[19:15] Use your computer business because you’re an idiot victim and one.
I was a victim in that one but there were signs that i should pay attention to like almost every business who doesn’t pay attention to.
No signs of frog or cyber crime and that part is my responsibility i have to own that part of we were so successful so quickly
something was not right and ignore that for the sake of money and that and it up by me.

[19:50] Yeah up for the second money i’m getting that’s a freeze it a lot of people.

[19:57] Yeah yeah my inboxes what are you doing.
Management consulting i was my my claim to fame was.
Four am i worked for mercer which was management consultant like kinsey only the news lately for bad things and bank of america and sprint were my big clients and i,
figure out how to help them save hundreds of millions of dollars by genesis nonprofit table under profitable customers which was very profitable for the companies and very info feeling for me.
You’re so you said you know if you lay off all those people.

[20:49] No in this case into a credit card world bank of america,
what is losing scott should be send his name this large credit card packing company was losing all kinds of money,
under profile on their
highest wolf customers because i will customers payoff their bills so what they need to do with get rid of all of the people that they spent all kinds of money funny over and servicing and having specializes the one k phew,
super unprofitable,
so bye bye jettison in one hundred and fifty thousand billionaires essentially or multimillionaire who always pay their bills
but required harlem hard levels in service they could be way more profitable that was causing them you know upwards of hundred and eighty million dollars a year so it was,
find new ways to make companies more profitable by getting rid of surfaces levels that was just telling the feeling to me,
you just did you leaving.

[22:00] You know they didn’t i mean they love me but they could victor fill me in with any animals to get it in the reason they didn’t love me as because i was so assistant on working a schedule my schedule not the eighty hour work week,
are you know eighty tell hundred hour work week,
because i wouldn’t travel to the degree day wanted i was a problem child i was an entrepreneur already then and i did not like my.
Discoveries end smart going to benefit their customers and the executives pocketbooks oh no the actually were probably really happy to get rid of me.

[22:39] Yeah so you’re like under the category of difficult to manage.
Yeah yeah,
give a high tolerance for risk and i’m really curious as the world turns for whiskey myers confidence and how in the world did you get that personality type that made you say there’s a great job for a great
company that i can go forever with if i just follow the rules.
Can you set an i got all kinds of things to do when you computer business speaking business.
You’re not afraid to start a new things where does that confidence come from that feeling of this.

[23:29] Josh never thought directly about it but probably from the fact that i started
starting businesses in junior high so that i could do the things i wanted to do i started a moana business never too much work so i hired my friends to do the mowing and i
make the mountain that allow me to go to a great college and pay my own way through college where i
sold tshirts and didn’t laundry for yuno for people who can afford it to,
so it’s just always been part in it’s part of it it’s what my parents did their whole lives they were on japan or still around troubadours,
i think when you face the prospective going to jail i mean when you sitting in the court room,
choose weather you or the person next you serves a ten year jail sentence and you don’t do it your view of risk changes radically and,
taking a business rescue barrington money and ben smart about it is completely different things.

[24:34] Put your instructions reminds me.
People have a really tough health gracie’s say similar things like a man perspectives way better after you go to this misery.

[24:48] Are you looking at jazz time you don’t go.
Check make you better yeah and then you know safety net i have a wife who,
encourage me to take the risk and said if it doesn’t work will sell the house we move into a tiny little apartment will be just fine.
I think that was the most important thing that happened to me was the fact that we didn’t need to have what we had had.
Well wyo trip wise position wise in order to be happy and,
i can’t can’t say no for having a support cruise that didn’t make sure risk less rescue.
Let’s talk more about support you know that,
invite business i talk to people who want to hear about the people side of performance and people side of business people side of the performance that might be something you thought wrong.
Who encouraged you so i look for example iva a story of a nightclub owner who took a chance on me and really when i was just kinda good but not great.
Hey a break instead i see it in new york fine you got this.
Do you have people in your life like that i’m trying to i’m still trying to break through the what makes you so confident.

[26:15] Number it was a mentor or a coach or a.
I don’t know someone you really looked up to the kinda love to you instead of john you’ve got the magic ingredient you’re gonna be i got this.
Yeah yeah now that i think about it probably two three my dad is probably the primary one who did that himself and.

[26:41] Insert natural part that.

[26:45] You know when i wanted to do something i mean he gave me a a sign when i was he he hand
phoenix sing when i was probably ten that said if you want to end you think you can go ahead give it a shot kind of his you know,
motivational wall poster and it been a lot to be because it was at a time when,
it was actually a little louder than it was a time when i was making a big big decision in my life how big of a risky was gonna take it going dad to university and that added to something that i grow up with.
The other was a professor an at college who said i’m listen i was dead the chief justice on a moot court that was kind of a big deal at my school.
Add so i was won of a class of a hundred in a school of six thousand like overachievers anima afternoon harvard.

[27:43] Yes so we’re talking about harvest love dear life i was just an awesome place for me and cause of the people i met anyway he said after this experience you are ok,
chief justice,
but i would love to have you run a business for me and he recognized in me something kind of a passion and love and we started a business together,
that within so to the harvard business school a couple of years later in mayfield kansas money on when i was just,
just his belief like that was that was a enough it was just one person saying,
i believe in you made out of have any actual believe in me but his saying it like totally.

[28:30] How old was college kids how old was this mentor professor.
The professor business.
It was executive education so kind of what i’ve come back for circle to we sold programs to,
can about a harvard indoors program to executives from thailand pakistan beijing bring it on over,
change a lot of money i would be the person it would introduce them to professors at the harvard business school and med school local businesses in boston and incubators and i would make relationships and,
would have a great dinners and it was a ton of fun,
and competed against the harvard business school executive programs so rather than men do that they just decided,
to buy it was it was a fun business and that’s what i starting kind of to do with the retreats how old are you in the business result.

[29:34] I was the traffic for a move to new zealand which was ninety-three so i was wet.
Twenty twenty one twenty-two heady stuff.

[29:47] I was pretty cool i was a great experience added tiny little boy office in the basement of one of the the harvard houses and,
got it was fun nobody’s every nazz i dont think my family did i mean my family parents did.
I think you need a change your website john still standing amazing things and sol a business to the harvard business school.

[30:13] I meant was a good was a good one you mentioned three people that are caring your dad this professor that said i can see running a business.
The third person right.

[30:25] Yeah bread montgomery we the party business,
and didn’t know anybody didn’t know speakers did know anybody and i want to a speaker conference and i had a cab ride with brad montgomery sitting right there and we became friends and,
i asked to go to lunch after that and he told me about the speaking business and,
did you watched my speech and he told me he has been acceptably stupid and,
give danette although my career so i mean it feels like you know in this.

[31:10] It feels like a self serving question but you truly are the person who,
make me think i could do it in this business and there a lot of people that you never do it i mean you and i both know the person who said i did it after data security like that you never never make that work know where,
you should be a motivational speaker until people about butterflies bumblebee,
so picture that the power of that professor looking in your young man i think,
you’ve got it i see something icy greatness within you.

[31:55] Have you done that for others can other people live with that same you got that same gravitas.
Are you know about that stitches probably,
overdoing it do i tried give back definitely i think mentoring other speakers,
sitting down for a lot of coffees with people who want to become speakers and helping him see what they need to do yes,
that one of that serving on boards to do that probably the thing what i’ve done most is sitting down with friends who have business ideas or already have a business and trying to figure out what to do.
End doing that but not to the degree it like an earl room in our life or academy robert or scott freedman has done that part of my.
That’s part of my future self.

[32:58] I suspect you for digitalluc coming for you john or mrs cello that means so much.

[33:07] No different indifferent forms who are the people that told you that cuz cuz i’m thinking seen there and have been there when you’re training people giving people tactical strategically strategically,
device smart and i’m trying to channel that professor saying i see the song you that was a emotional thing that was it wasn’t.
How to build a business.

[33:38] Yes what’s the question i’m just curious on the spot but suspect their have been people that you have not just given advice to but said.

[33:49] I see greatness in you a news feed on that for another decade and it helps send a chef difficult things.
I know you do the kids but im wondering if you have experience as read do that with other people.

[34:03] Yeah definitely think a productive.
Of people sing you know that entrepreneurial life and the way that i’ve been able to manage.
The hours that i work in the time off that i get to how my day looks i get asked a lot about that and.
Yeah i think i have share that with people like you’ve got what it.
You got what it takes and i don’t think it necessarily has to do with how good their ideas has to do with how hard their willing to work because it changes as you go anyway.
So yeah i can i can think of specific people who.

[34:42] Probably have a business because partly because i had faith in the fact that they could do it.

[34:51] Yeah that’s heady i think that’s stuff right.
I feel like it something i am going into the graduate realization that because of my age and because i look i don’t look like i’m twenty anymore.
I’m because of whatever successes i’ve had people attended.

[35:12] Give compliments for me a little extra credit they might a given me when i was younger and adam hicks.
You’ve got that yeah yeah that’s right and i mean you told me seven years ago eight years ago kind of responsibility.

[35:31] You know what were doing we actually have a fair amount of power because of the credibility we developed and the network we’ve developed and.
Yeah i definitely.
I feel that and the place where it’s really for filling for me and living not even more than speaking is with kids.
So you know that the kids that because you know there’s a strong heartbreak alumni network for example,
that you know i get to hear their ideas encourage them and they dont need much i mean their they’re looking for a kind of any road to clean to in climb and it do,
i love the i love the kid aspect of it and specifically and where you know where my energy is i love,
helping developed women leaders of being alive
women leaders specifically in the girls leadership movements so that’s a cause that i do it a ten with that something that i want to do more in the retreat space is
you know i have daughters and i see the inequities in the business world between men and women and.
Even rachel and so far so when i help is not rome that deeply fills me up.

[36:53] It is so i’m still interested not topic it’s already landed really confidence can we talk about your confidence to start out new things but.
Show me when you have the companies you have you can have a very swagger.
Ask sometimes she cries got it advantage of that.
Todo even more good i mean financial good or strategic training i’m talking about emotional support.
I feel still feel articulating the question in my head but i said she rockstar that.

[37:35] You know now i wouldn’t say i say i am in the studio practicing.
You know my personal mission is to create and share energy to make the world better place or the way i like to freeze it is delete the campground campground better than you left me cuz i love the outdoors
i think i think i’m reaching kind of a point in my career in my life and at my age where that’s becoming more important i wouldn’t say it’s been
it’s been super intentional to this point i think it’s been it’s happened it’s kind of been a you know a byproduct what i’ve done
but that feeling that question that you’re trying do codified is.
Is the feel something i can tell is coming in my life i know that i am i want to do more of that i want to have that kind of effect on people to help them find what they have energy in and manafest that.

[38:39] I think part of the reason this new business view leading leadership retreat is gonna kill it is not just because you.
Have business knowledge to share put because you’re gonna be able to say like you got this.

[38:58] Yeah.
Yeah i think that’s that’s right any other way has to be honest i don’t think you can be gratuitous gratuitous that that you just say that anybody because.

[39:11] I’m not a believer in that that that you just you make it so by saying i think people have to have,
truly that desired work hard added and that’s usually what i am looking for when i make those type of suggestions is you can have somebody who knows nothing and is willing to go,
give fifty three speeches to get started that way better than that the person it way better off to me in terms of making it in the person who’s naturally eloquent.
I’m gonna follow up on this about weather not the a couple of has to be true but here we got a question from palma palomo.
I miss you what your thoughts on the furious access or is it just another side of fear of failure.
Who are you cover pomo kids.

[40:06] Is there afraid that if if they do really well in this class or that activity or whatever than that already expectations and more people will look at them in pressure it is not working.

[40:18] Maybe palmisano access.
Do you have any like i can even picture you being afraid of succession i just think you should i see that i’m gonna go get it and then you always do.
You know i think my biggest fear of success is probably in and out use the terminal gets used it a lot in businesses of going big.

[40:49] Because i feel like a lot of the people that i know who have gone big meeting make more money at it more famous added whatever
have compromised a lot of their actual values to do it and i feel being sucked into that world and you know we can’t,
leave a voice tash neal repeat super successful and they sell all kinds of stuff and,
i feel who i become an i’ve seen who i become when there’s a lot of money involved,
that’s what blinded me the last time so i say there is a fear of success and also,
i don’t like the fair weather friend more of it probably to sean feucht person of lost more money failed more businesses been the most entrepreneurs i don’t like it is not a pleasant feeling,
learn how to do it less than lessons i’ve got along yeah.

[41:47] What do you think what would you think of fear success personal brad not your kids.
Yeah you are talking i was trying to process the question and i’m not sure get it right i don’t have a fear of that
but i do know what you’re talking about you have talked endlessly about if you scale your business and have,
if you have thirty people working for you or a hundred thirty people working for you you make more money but dang it is.
We work it worth it.

[42:22] You can do that i’m not sure i have that i don’t have any leadership skills i’ve never done anything like that you can do that.

[42:32] Yeah yeah concerts choices not to go big like that and
there’s you know lost of status in credibility and people in your life because of it but i’m always asking why am i doing this and for me the answer is i want to spend good time with
my very closest friends my daughter’s my wife and nature and and invention travel and i can do that without
making millions of dollars i think for me it’s a song growing up.
Meaning of ambrosia young man i see the people with these business bottles and i could do that let’s go.

[43:17] Find the girl up and realized i don’t wanna do that and some help i’m a piece of that like i want to work for myself i wanna work as much as i can’t help myself charge i don’t like managing i’m not.
I don’t like your i don’t like everything with you.
I agree and have i ever wondered what was that just excuse for not going big,
where is that really really what i want but when i sit down and i’m still think about what i want very little of it has to do with having more.
I think they’re having more things is noah cyrus luving u to the side of the river it it just doesn’t have a lot.
I’m not saying that i want to live a life of pavarotti live very well,
adjust don’t necessarily need to scale to live more well in the way that i’m already satisfied with you happier if you change your life.

[44:25] I want first i’d like to try every second,
it’s better just to have friends who have nots and to be a good friends that they invite you over to hangout on their yard and then you don’t have to take care of that,
toilet is broken for some people i think you’re wonderful a king in the background somewhere my even better.

[44:52] Absolutely yeah for me nature’s free i mean.
I just assumed snowshoe which is want you back the hundred dollar shoes snowshoes is you know it satisfying skiing hundred fifty dollars and,
nights logging so i’d rather just get out into the back country i think this season,
i’m so fun accept there is no sliding downhill when you wake up eben awkward there,
who is that is a good thing about king promise you wanna go back to weather not competent complements after genuine and part of course they do people can sense in authenticity and it just cheapens anything that you say that is true,
yes the other side anythings.
Because i have to examples of people who said let me when i became a certified speaking professional what you are i got a fax.

[45:55] What that’s ok from needle cobain this rockstar speaker our world and it i’m sure secretary send it but it says congratulations are on the right track your whatever it probably was one sentence,
can i know now that need to combined no mean.
He just give me a compliment and i am telling you i’m not going this effect,
only it’s yours before i kinda realize need didn’t know me but dang it it was still valuable.

[46:33] Add another example emotion earl room earl romance leader in the speaking world and colorado especially leader magic.
Leader useless features chip young magician,
he came up to me all the time is a great broadway that flag that berner talking to a girl.

[47:02] There was a piece of that that feed me even know i sent a little bit of pitbull it’s still find me.
Now give another example what you think is there any room for fugees a compliment.

[47:17] No i think it’s kind of like most things i don’t think it’s black or white i think there’s a huge area of grey and for me when i’m saying.
It’s important that it be offended that’s not for them that’s for me.
So in order from meta feel good about it i want it to be authentic now could neto.
Does needle believe so much in nasa and the cst designation that he believed what,
he was saying yeah i think he does i think he wholeheartedly believe that so to me that was authentic was it individualized no didn’t need to be no but.
A gratuitous to m. i. a. gratuitous attaboy a girl.

[48:10] Doesn’t doesn’t carry the power of saving for the ones that are real.
Debate are you tell me what events that discuss.
I’m not sure i totally believe i’m saying i’m just getting out there.
I think generally speaking you can always find a legit compliment.
Like if i liquidators at a young entry level speaker or magician a comic or just human.
There’s always something that you can give him let’s legit right yeah but also i don’t mind pushing it a little bit channel earl by,
what unless browsers brightness within you he wasn’t say that when he says so much better.

[48:59] He doesn’t define what brightness means he says i got it.
Sometimes that changes people i guess my answer to that is,
you are a fundamentally good podcast host and i think we’re gonna rock this thing.
There is a nice to talk about these things.

[49:34] What’s up this podcast and has been found for me because it really just been an excuse to ask people even people i know questions i don’t normally ask.

[49:45] Fun like why is that not a good day that is a good day and it’s it’s really cool ted two talk.
Talk about these things that we don’t have workout i mean i don’t i don’t have a pitch for this like i would if we were talking about.
You know my business services i’m not trying to sell something and i like having a conversation that,
did this about this stuff that’s that we figure out together as friends and colleagues and everything.

[50:14] What’s your job big corporations call help us manage the terrible things is going to happen people are gonna attack us through the internet,
hey portal what you’ve got me is it it’s a people problem not a problem,
end that you are still similar to bryce vine people sing you can do it hard.

[50:41] Totally.
What is my what is my primary job is to let them know you do not have to live in the fair because when you’re the one that takes the steps you’re not the one that gets attacked.
Yeah i would say get out most accurately motivational security is you know it is what i’m doing.
This is doable motivational security.

[51:10] Yes realize information information also we need someone to tell her people.
The day can be empowered and be successful,
do they know that absolutely that’s that’s what separates me from my competitors is a its not completely boring dry technical stuff and it’s not about the furious about.
The potential tu veneno the potential for safe more profitable companies and yeah they.
Almost university they know that coming in because.
Set most of my speakers from people having see me another speechless so they know what i’m doing i did i don’t advertise i don’t do much social media you know it from speaking,
you get most to hear a client from people who see you that telling i’m in it also makes me feel bad so many of my clients our first time.
Plants versus remove my game a little bit i’ve seen you on stage i see you present virtually rockstar a little jealous of the fact that year,
topic is so fantastic is i don’t think there any organization it doesn’t need you but there’s a lot of people who do you do.
Are any good restaurants so well done you congratulations.

[52:36] Thank you i believe you you have brightness with john i don’t know you justice
i should call professor perry and thank you for setting me off of the law horse and under the business course,
who sings landed this is the same this is us also pieces advisor who at junior dinner we all got together for junior dinner set to me,
i said should i be riding if he says he was like are you gonna go my way at school lost school.
I said you probably shouldn’t get lost cool down the pace enjoy your your senior year just have fun,
i know it’s great great life advice active gonna call this guy tell him he teaches at the university of texas now so.

[53:32] I will hwa sa i will i will call him he was.
Never forget how influence our life never considered how influential some people have been in your life kill somebody ask you that like i thought about that for twenty years.
Will it doesn’t make me think who i should be calling who is that professor in my life that made a difference.
I need to call jessica jones i wanted to be a drummer.
Hit this guy new i had the bargain a good musician head up to me in the eyes when i told him that and said look at me i’m teaching in a strip mall i’m with you instead of my wife and child,
i work in a drum store in the day in this weekend brad where did you come playing i’m playing country music country music for dreamers is not a good.
What you know pay bills like you knew it so that with the fact that he didn’t encourage you to follow your passion,
i mean he did just the opposite he was honest with you about.
That’s right that’s just the opposite but it’s complimentary what were talking about i think also have other skills and channels.

[55:02] And you can be a fantastic imgur.

[55:05] You don’t quit music you just told me maybe it’s hard to be a full time problem right ok i’m calling my guy calling your name,
because i’m still promise.
What i can ask you,
i want to brown university in when i talk people i want to brown university really what is that i’m like it’s actually ivy league,
what can i say like harvard inhale that i believe in la,
no it’s not use nobody is impressive university harvard the way you know it harvard no one wants to be that poppy
who drops harvard into every third sentence and we know those people i know you do.
What’s your take on the world mentioned what you want to college and university you mentioned university was before i can’t teach you about it.
What’s your take on such a fantastic credential but also it is the.

[56:09] I could push you away from people are talking about what you thought.
Yeah my thoughts are won’t first of all did you see the last season of,
the bachelorette with tasha and the harvard guy on their who is the quintessential patrick watson.
Show my opinion is it’s not something that i.

[56:39] Did i bring out in conversation anymore than somebody who goes to see you boulder brings out in conversation with somebody asks,
i tell people i’m not in barstow have gone there i don’t think that i have some gift you know,
did i make gift for having gun there it was a good college it fit well for me i love the experience it was great to get out of my little town in colorado and go to the east coast
but i also know well enough to know
it wasn’t that different from what you had or the person watching this had it was just a college experience and not was what was cool about it so,
i love the place does not confirm any special pablo cruise i will tell you that a lot of people,
when the harvard in lovett so good for you is the total opposite of what was yesterday,
did you go to i’m why you are there and i know that i’m probably a little older than you but did we did you go to the school hours at squeeze concert or was a theme meatloaf concert that was at brown like i can down and i want to that,
no wait wait what year did you graduate from harvard.

[57:57] I don’t tell exact dates because of what i do it used against me because i don’t know you’re no more about you exactly early nineties.
Ok so i’m older than you are and no no i don’t remember that no other love.
I want an of course i would go now but it the time i would meat loaf please.

[58:30] Does swag on think so did you see sonny rollins at the second largest second largest unsupported marbled down in the world no.
That is the providence rhode island down which is right next to browns second largest.
On spotify myrtle donovan the world next you the one hangin’ around and sonny rollins play derek in nineteen eighty nine.
What awesome something to do list study,
trivia got it effect i know about providence rhode island,
play impressive think we’re back the imitation game the bachelorette was a this guy,
who do we say i want to small awards college in new haven connecticut.
I just landed after life pregnant pause and then people are off,
ok what college was it was that yelle area,
i need to wear a coat and the east coast and go to brown it’s kinda cool people heard about us denver colorado.

[59:51] No i would like the color.
No that’s latin thing whatever was it’s called brown,
it says brown that’s a lot brad garrett my feelings
can you play please teacher one thing to do with our phones or one tip that we can actually use cause i promised my listeners.
Yes definitely this is one that i would have an even.
Written about her published yet because it’s still kind of brand new so this is the first time ever revealed,
apples in their fourteen dot four release of ios since you been talking about appalachian apple user
has instituted a new features that has is gonna drive facebook,
crazy if not out of business and that is eight am not tracking feature so appalled which loves,
your privacy because it drives more business for them they don’t want to sell your information to others has instituted this this new thing called app tracking transparency,
meaning facebook can no longer talk to your fitbit app that can talk to your google app that can talk to your map.

[1:01:18] Put all of those things together and then they sell it as as
advertisers so apple has said we’re gonna cut off that aimless bread say that we can do that so in your settings,
under privacy now first yet update to fourteen dot four and you do that for security reasons because there were three.
Three major hole in the earth version of the operating systems ep let people right in the back door let’s see your update for the hotelier updating so you’re saying on it.

[1:01:50] Don’t yawn fourteen four on all of these updates.
I know i’m running software like on a computer where you can’t update until you know that the software is updated on your phone automatically update because it’s always about security,
ok so update to fourteen dot four and then you go in there and where you already been because i know that you do this stuff,
is location tracking a new set all the location tracking basically to only when i’m using the app or never,
rather than the default which is always alright right above it right below it is is this app tracking,
end you turn it off if it’s not already off by default you turn it off and that doesn’t let facebook sharer information for glenn,
information from all of these other apps it’s a great great privacy tool but you gotta go turn it on it’s called up tracking.
Stop tracking yeah general preferences and privacy than locations.
Yep yes so so settings privacy.

[1:02:55] And then in privacy i’m gonna make sure there’s nothing showing on here.
Let’s see if i can get this normal alabama computers location jack and jack.
Set a yellow icon and when you go to tracking.
You’re gonna get this little thing right there that says allow apps to request to track.
So you don’t necessarily want that you don’t,
you just want them to not track you just cut to the chase if you won’t really advertising on your map add facebook
forward donuts right after that if you want that kind of,
add tracking then you leave those on most people don’t want it because they type of things like bankruptcy and pornography and kinds of things that you don’t want other people now and really love doughnuts,
alright never been.
Ok yeah i think very beautiful.

[1:04:02] Expensive donuts that are just like donuts that are also so rich.

[1:04:09] Like you can’t consume i’m fine donuts to be that way when i was young loved on a now i can’t feel like sugaree and get i gotta sweet tooth i love.
I haven’t found that ice cube can eat a whole box of murs doughnuts.
Three if i had milk or unsweetened coffee the only time i have unsweet and coffee.
Yes there’s nothing i would drive by a mister donut theater day and i’ll be doing it still open.
What’s the weather like a time out of the pass code fifties and sixties.
Yeah that’s right high school my high school friends and realizer where do you go when you’re kid you can’t go to a bar restaurants expensive mr donut you can afford that.
What time span a dozen roses houses we want to the tennis station on the corner thirty seconds young field.

[1:05:13] I guess station that’s because what you think phones like you only way that we could coordinate while at school was to have a place would be like a sia the tennis at seven,
i want to call go to discuss station and that’s where the party started that’s where you found out everything it was.
Set a central place in happen outside of the station to go into stand by the surfing machine correct.
I’m not saying the donuts a donut houses better than the outside of a gas station but you just make insider never would have made it a donut place i would have a donut every time,
we were seventeen.
There’s no such thing as body fat for a seventeen year old point point thank you for saying yes i’m gonna ask you my last question cause i always do.
John silvio hall of fame speaker security experts entrepreneur leadership team building yogi bear give you help.

[1:06:22] My kids.

[1:06:25] My daughters and their generation having just been through the political season and sing what.
What my girls did to contribute today and kind of empire parties in way to get out vote and maybe apparently but.
End this the poetry who’s the poet at the end of gordon gorman bodyguard like that gave me hope that give me hope like i haven’t celts,
end a long time i think personally politically but just society like wow that’s who’s gonna be leading our country,
as i retire like i’m super happy and i feel about my girls everyday so yeah i think that coming generations really give me great great amount of hope.

[1:07:26] What is last time told you kids at the i know you told me love them i tell him that all the time.

[1:07:33] That doesn’t surprise me at all your children great news with them.
Literally i could show you a text from this morning where i wrote that.
That messaging completely different words i’m just curious can you tell us what.
You wanna know actually no i don’t let me see if it’s a private it is.

[1:08:07] Please read it to acid ghost show us not gonna show you find it.
What’s facebook think all of us in current kids sometimes its helpful to hear other language because i like to say the same thing to my children and if i were to change the language of.
They would notice.
Yeah i can’t find it but centrally you know this is been a hard road for kids are age now,
the isolation shut up syml dice elation alabama and i just simply.
Told my girls what an amazing job they have done dealing with a situation that could make them better and they used it to grow and change who they are and i’m just superpower so.

[1:09:01] Hey portal radio day i have girls the tell me the same thing back on me i get that in return.

[1:09:12] I would i have gun special my youngest kid she’s adorable casino loves it and.
Get released stuff about it thank you for being awesome,
thanks for teaching us about tracking thanks for your sad song entrepreneurship and mistaking confidence.
Have unbeyond for doing this for ben e. king no friend that would put this type of stuff together.
Your stars stay with me john williams everybody thanks for being here.

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