images: milestone-coat.jpg misers.jpg I was recently in Miami, Florida doing my funny motivational speaker humorist thing. (I gotta think of a better name than that!) The company was a group called Milestone Systems and the event couldn’t have been more fun.

Milestone is a video surveillance company… I admit that I don’t totally understand what they do but I can tell you that the build the software that some of our largest companies in the world use to operate their surveillance.

The event was a blast…. My favorite part was seeing the audience — who was exhausted, totally over worked, and even a tiny bit …. er… more tired due to an open bar and wine bottles on all of the tables — go from a dead stop to a Full Monty, No Holds Barred Awesome Audience.
They had a professional photographer there in Miami and he sent me these fun photos of the magician – portion of the speech. Check out the coins in the air…. this guy was good.


Come on! Hire me to be a hilarous motivational speaker at your corporate event or association convention!

Brad Montgomery
Florida Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Fan of Milestone

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