I’m back for speaking for the Tallahassee Community College, which is in (surprise!) Tallahassee, Florida.

I spoke for the non-classified staff; pretty much every employee who is not faculty.

This group was feeling depressed, suspicious and nervous because the budget for the college was dropping. They were worried about a million things, including lay-offs. So morale was down, and workload was up.

So let’s send in funny boy! It was actually great event; we did have a great time. We used humor to deal with our fears and this change in their work environment. I love talking about change — my theory is that If It’s Gonna Happen Anyway, We Might as Well Laugh at It.

Besides, I have found through experience that if you shine a spotlight on whatever is worrying the group you can make them feel better just by taking out the scary feeling. And then a few well-placed jokes can’t hurt either.

My client, Kevin was kind enough to film this testimonial for me. Here’s the video transcription:

My name is Kevin Peddie. I work at Tallahassee Community College. Recently we had Brad come in and speak to the staff at our annual back to school event. Let me say, he had the crown roaring in laughter before the introduction was finished. Brad does an excellent job of catering his act to your people and your situation. I’m not an event planner or anything like that so it was truly a blessing working with Brad. He made the whole thing easy for me. From scheduling the event to relaying to me what he needed from us was a total breeze. If you want someone to motivate your people and having them rolling in the aisles, I would strongly recommend you give Brad a call. He Rocks!!!!! I stole that line from him.

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Thanks Kevin,

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Florida Speaker, Fan of TCC

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