What would it mean to you and your audience to inject more energy, surprise, and enthusiasm into your meeting or convention?  What would it mean to you and your mehire a flash mob companyeting if your audience couldn’t WAIT to start the learning?  What if your audience was sending photos and videos BACK to their co-workers bragging about what they are doing?

It would mean that your hum-drum meeting would be a wild success.  And I have just the thing for you:  a flash mob created INSTANTLY just for you and your organization.


It’s new.  It’s fun.  It’s high-energy.  It’s interactive and hands-on.  And it will move your meeting or convention up to an “11.”   (Who knows what that movie is from?)

Ready to hire a flash mob for your event?  Who needs a flash mob company?  Hire funny motivational speaker (and happiness expert) Brad Montgomery to make it happen for you and your team.  Trust me…this experience will be remembered and talked about LONG after the meeting is over.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

Yours for VERY fun corporate meetings,
Brad Montgomery
Flash Mob Company (sort of!), High-Energy Meeting Dude, Motivational Speaker

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Flash Mob for Hire at a Florida Meeting
Flash Mob Company for hire at a Texas Event. (Not a company…it’s BRAD!)
Huge Corporate Flash Mob at an event in Indiana
Book a large corporate flash mob in in Florida (2!)
Flash Mob Edit on YouTube
Flash Mob Blog Post:

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